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Everything you need to know about sex. Why is it needed and what types are there

Satisfying one's sexual needs is one of the main desires of any person. It stands next to the need for food, water and air. Of course, for the full functioning of the body, you do not need to have sex as often as meals occur. But it is absolutely impossible to do without it. Some people cope, so to speak, "on their own", without involving other people in this activity. But anyone who wants to find a permanent (or not so) partner for this should know everything about sex.

Why do you need sex

It would seem that any adult can answer this question. But in reality, not everything is as clear as it may sound in his answers. The knowledge about sexual life of the majority of the inhabitants is very superficial and consists mainly of stereotypes and rumors. In order to find complete information about this issue, many people look for information on the Internet and sometimes turn to sexologists.

People have sex for several main reasons, which can be combined with each other:

  • desire to have a child. Everything is very clear here - the couple wants a son or daughter, so the couple does everything to ensure that the woman becomes pregnant;

  • the need to satisfy their sexual needs. This is a natural desire of a person, it is absolutely not worth condemning him. Both men and women equally want sex, only, for some reason, do not like to talk about it;

  • the desire to express their feelings through sex. In this case, the partners seek to satisfy not themselves, but each other. It is a manifestation of love and affection between two people. And this is a completely natural desire, so there is no need to be ashamed of it, especially if the couple is already in a relationship;

People are having sex &nbsp ;          
  • prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system. Regular sexual contacts with trusted and healthy partners help to avoid the occurrence of many unpleasant and dangerous diseases;

  • using sex as a source of income. Some people, most often girls, provide sexual services to clients for a certain fee. Or they go to the maintenance of wealthy people, periodically satisfying them for material assistance;

  • the intention to use sex as a means to improve one's own life. A simple example is sexual contact between a superior and a subordinate. If one of them satisfies his desires and needs, then the second goes for it for the sake of career advancement.

Most of the time, sex happens these reasons. More importantly, by mutual consent. Violent actions of a sexual nature are punishable by law. Unless it's in advance assigned role-playing game.

Sex in a relationship

The danger of sex

Sex is definitely Nice. But it has its drawbacks and even dangers. Many people don't prepared for the fact that sexual contact can lead to unpleasant consequences of a different nature. To know everything about sex, you need get to know his bad side.

What dangers are fraught with intimate intimacy with another person:

  1. The most obvious is sexually transmitted diseases (or STDs - Sexually Transmitted Diseases). Various bacterial, viral, fungal infections. Every adult has heard about the most dangerous of them - HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea and many others.

  2. unwanted pregnancy. If contraceptives are not used during vaginal sex, then a woman can “fly in” with a very high chance. If this was not the purpose of intercourse, then care should be taken in advance that this does not happen. It is much easier to prevent pregnancy than to terminate it. There are many medical remedies that prevent conception. Well, there are regular condoms.

Sex Danger
  1. Getting injured during sex, especially between inexperienced people, is almost inevitable. In this regard, representatives of the weaker sex are more likely to suffer. Sex without some preparation can cause unpleasant, even painful sensations, stretching of the muscles of the vagina, the formation of abrasions, microtrauma of the mucous membranes.

  2. Prolonged abstinence can cause men problems with erection and ejaculation. This is not exactly a problem that is caused by the sexual act itself, but still it is required to be mentioned. If a man fails to have sex often, then it is better for him to satisfy himself on his own, so as not to expose himself to the risk of erectile dysfunction.

  3. Sex at an early age can lead to problems in the future. Since the organs of the reproductive system complete their formation only by the age of 18, it is better to have sex after that. Early sex can lead to the fact that the development of the body will be suspended. And not only the physical side will be affected - mental development will also be at risk.

Sex and why you need it
  1. Also, sex at an early age leads to psychological problems. An unformed organism cannot adequately respond to sensations during intercourse. Boys and girls will experience only negative physiological experiences, pain and disappointment, which will become the foundation for a bad attitude towards sex in the future.

  2. Sex with minors is a very big problem with the law. This needs to be understood by both boys and girls. The testimony of the “injured party” is not always taken into account, even if everything happened by mutual agreement. It is better for none of the partners not to take risks and not to have sex until the age of majority, so as not to expose themselves to the risk of criminal liability.

Simple caution and knowledge the main dangers of sexual intercourse will help any person avoid any problems. This area has been very carefully studied by many doctors and scientists. Therefore, do not be distrustful of information that distributed in open sources. For some it will be obvious common truth, but for someone - a real discovery.

There are three simple rules that will help any inexperienced person not to get a load of problems after sexual contact with another person:

All about sex
  1. It is imperative to protect yourself! Contraceptives can be found in any pharmacy, and they are affordable for every person. Do not worry about the fading of the senses during their use - safety and health are much more important.

  2. Under no circumstances should you have sexual intercourse with strangers. This is dangerous from two sides at once - they can be carriers of infections that enter the body during physical contact. And they can use this connection for their own purposes - for example, to initiate harassment, blackmail or threats.

  3. Under no circumstances should you have sexual intercourse with minors. It is dangerous for their health and development. And also dangerous for an adult from the legal side.

This basic knowledge will be enough in order to avoid getting into trouble.

Varieties of sex

There are several main types sex practiced by people all over the world. Their foundations were laid in antiquity, and to modern man, they have already been formed, developed and with its own set of rules.

Varieties of sex

The main types of sex that practiced by people

  • traditional or vaginal sex. The name speaks for itself - only male and female genital organs are involved in this type of physical intimacy. This is the most common, easy to implement and enjoyable practice;

  • oral sex. During such sexual contact, one of the partners uses his lips, tongue and mouth in order to stimulate orgasm in his couple. If a man or woman satisfies another woman with oral sex, then this process will be called "cunnilingus". If a man takes a caress from his partner, then this is called a blowjob. There is a third version of oral sex - "anilingus", when satisfaction occurs by stimulating the anus of one of the partners with the mouth, lips and tongue of the other.

  • anal sex. Almost the same as vaginal, only orgasm is achieved by stimulation and penetration into the anus by a man or with the help of dildos and other "sex toys". Traditionally considered an unacceptable and dirty form of sex, however, these are just prejudices and outdated views. Many people around the world practice this type of sex and are happy with it.

All about sex

Of course, some creative people come up with other unusual ways to satisfy themselves and their partner, but these three types of sexual relations are the main and fundamental.

Sexual inventory

Not all people are lucky enough to find for themselves permanent sexual partner. Many of them are forced to satisfy their needs for solitude. And if before masturbation was something for real forbidden and unacceptable (due to religious influence on the population), now self-satisfaction is not considered abnormal by many people. Furthermore, an entire industry has developed that develops various devices and devices that help lonely people brighten up their sad evenings.

"Toys" for lonely adults people or for those who want to diversify their sex life with a permanent partner, a lot. Ranging from regular dildos and ending with programmable sex dolls. It all depends on the budget that people are ready for spend on these activities.

Why sex toys can be exactly what a person lacks:

Sex toys
  • Most importantly, you don't need a partner to satisfy yourself! Moreover, alone with themselves, people are much bolder and able to satisfy even the most obscene fantasies, which is helped by numerous inventions of specialists in sexual entertainment;

  • The variety of things for self-satisfaction is simply huge. Many people don't even know how much. There are devices to meet the needs of even the most sophisticated fetishists. Everyone will definitely find something suitable for themselves. True, you will have to face a test - going to a sex shop;

  • sex toys in some situations allow you to get much more pleasure than traditional sex. A new experience for both single people and trusted partners will be a wonderful variety of sexual life.

But not only sex toys can purchase at an adult store. Special attention deserves outfits and decorations. With the help of them, partners can transform into anyone - even in a maid, even a demon. The visual component of sexual contact is important for many people. And various decorations and costumes will allow you to get from this in several times more fun.

Sex toys

With sex toys, costumes and decorations people often arrange role-playing games in bed. This is fun for those for whom ordinary sensations are not enough. Can't even mention the classic schemes such as bondage, arrests by "cops", preoccupied "nurses". Contemporary the diversity of the assortment of sex shops will allow people to create much more diverse images. It will be possible to try on a demon costume, a cartoon hero or even take on a different role in sex.

Good news for the timid and modest people will be that any product from the sex shop can be ordered through the Internet. There is no need to worry about your anonymity - sellers, consultants and couriers understand everything. But still, you should not be afraid of visiting the physical shop. No one condemns people who turn to sex shops, because desire Satisfy your sexual needs dictated by nature itself.

Knowing everything about sex is not even always necessary in order to receive from him pleasure. But if there is a desire to avoid problems and maintain health, as well as diversify the gray sex life, then just it is necessary to study this issue as deeply as possible. For beginners in art enjoyment, it will be a pleasant surprise how many secrets hiding under a veil of obscurity and footnotes "18+".

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