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Why do men like rear positions? 7 real

Many women complain that they are not completely satisfied with their sex life. And all due to the fact that their partner loves the position from behind. In their opinion, they cannot relax enough in this position and get the desired pleasure, moreover, they often experience pain during sex. Let's see why a man likes to take possession of his woman from behind and how to get the most out of this position for the weaker sex.

This posture dates back to the time of the Australopithecus. Just observe nature, in what position animals mate, of course, this is a pose from behind. Yes, and primitive people were not averse to fooling around in the doggie style. It was important for a primitive man to show his power and significance to his woman, especially at that time they somehow didn’t bother with long preludes: put in - did the job and was free.

Why is this position a favorite for many men?

Modern men love this position, in this regard, psychologists conducted a survey and found out why the dog-like pose is so attractive for a man?

  1. As you know, men love with their eyes, and it is in this position that an exciting view of a naked body opens. Even if the partner does not stand in the knee-elbow position, when the most interesting angle opens, the man can be excited by a slight back bend, as well as elastic buttocks. Which you can feel and spank on them.

Why guys love from behind
  1. By the way. It is the process of punishment that attracts many men in this position. Watch your young man, for sure, he not only strives to spank you, but he can also grab your hair, neck or close your mouth. With all his actions, he shows that he is playing a game with you, where you were guilty, and he severely punishes you.

  2. Another reason why a man loves from behind is the maximum penis penetration. Representatives of outstanding dignity especially like to use this advantage.  In the “face to face” pose, a man can be distracted by the displeased expression on the girl’s face, which by all appearance shows that she is in pain, and can also push him away if she feels discomfort. In a dog-like pose in a carte blanche guy, the young man does not see the facial expressions of the woman and enters her to the maximum, in general, does what he wants until she screams in pain.

  3. Men who are not choosy in sexual relations love this position for that. That you can not look at a girl who does not meet all your requirements of attractiveness. Thus, they can have sex with a girl who is not very beautiful for their taste, and at the same time represent another.

Sex from behind
  1. This position is associated with complete control and spontaneous sex. In any place that is not very convenient, a couple has sex standing up or bending over a little, while the man is behind. Memories of these moments make the doggy style pose even more loved and desired. Also, undoubtedly, men want to command at least in bed, and this posture gives him complete power over the girl.

  2. It happens that a man is tired after a hard day's work, but you won't leave your marriage for a long time. After all, it is worth refusing only once, and she will already suspect treason and the presence of a mistress. In this case, a doggy-style pose will come to the rescue. Firstly, no special strength exercises are required from a man, and secondly, let's be honest, sex in this position ends before it starts.

  3. Also, the position from behind is chosen by men who hope to switch from regular to anal sex. Of course, it is unlikely that this will work out unnoticed, but many men consider it strategically thought out.

Erithal orgasm

Why do women dislike this position?

Women do not like this position due to the fact that a man can get carried away and go over the line. Only partners where there is trust and they understand that this is just a game and in fact the man did not want to somehow humiliate his soulmate. Also, some women do not like this position. Because a large overview of their problem areas opens up. In their opinion, a man can see their cellulite or differently assess the size of their priests.

In fact, a young man in such a position thinks only about sex, and does not evaluate the external data of his partner, moreover, only notorious persons argue this way. Naturally, with such thoughts, there can be no talk of any orgasm.

To get maximum pleasure you need to relax, trust your partner. You can also use sex toys. For example, you can stimulate your clitoris with a vibrator or ask a man about it. For a more spicy experience, purchase a specialty oil candle from an adult store. 

How to love sex from behind

Before starting sex, light it up and put it nearby. As soon as the man enters you and begins to slowly sway, ask him to drop some oil from it on your back and buttocks and give you a little massage, for more relaxation. The effect will not be noticeable to you. The partner will be able to get excited much faster, although there is a risk of overdoing it and cum much faster than expected.

Most women do not respect this position because they often hurt. To minimize penetration depth member, take everything into your own hands, or rather the buttocks. It only seems that in in this position, a woman only needs to stand and enjoy. Ask young man to enter you and not move anymore, start yourself adjust the depth of penetration, and you can also squeeze and unclench the buttocks, make circular motions, in general, everything that is enough for fantasy, if only you it was nice, don’t worry about the man, from such activity he will surely in seventh heaven with pleasure.

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