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8 qualities of a good lover: how to become one?

There is no bad sex, there is a woman's inability to talk about her desires and a man's inability to hear a woman. There is no more universal rule for chic sex. So what is the path to a girl's orgasm or what are the most important qualities of a good lover?

"Why do you have such big ears"

A young man will need ears even more than a penis. Ears need to carefully remember what a woman says. After all, it is she who will show the man the way to her orgasm. The fact is that every woman is individual and only she herself can explain what a man needs to do so that she reaches the highest point of pleasure, in the common people - an orgasm.

The problem starts when a girl is too repressed to say what she likes. Well, or a completely neglected case when she herself does not know how to achieve orgasm. Perhaps with self-masturbation, she ends. But the girl has no idea how to transfer these feelings to bed with a man. A man usually does not try.

Here it is important to talk to the girl, to tune in to the right wave. Experiment with it, talk. If the relationship was not limited to one night spent, then it is not necessary to talk about sex immediately before it. You can discuss your sexual desires simply by spending time together. This excites both partners and strengthens the relationship between them.

Life hack: If a girl has never finished with a man, then with good skills and the ability to talk, there is a chance to bring her to orgasm and become “the one”. It is about such a lover that the girl will remember for a long time, and perhaps she will not even be able to forget.

Beware of high humidity

As a rule, men are excited faster than women. By the time the woman had just groped for the gas pedal, the man had already started, leaving clouds of smoke behind him. But sex is a trip for two. Therefore, one of the important qualities of a good lover is the ability to excite a woman. That's what preludes are for. Everything that sex usually starts with is used, but in terms of time, it should not last 30 seconds.

Kissing, stroking, stimulating erotic zones (no, it is not necessary to immediately climb into a girl's panties). It is better to start with kisses on the neck, intimate whispers, timid and, as if by chance, light touches on the chest and crotch area. The most important mistake during foreplay is the desire to quickly pull off the girl's clothes. It is better to do everything slowly and sensually, as if delaying the moment of pleasure.

Let a man slowly admire the body of a woman, give her pleasure, while he himself enjoys caresses. After all, a woman in response can also give pleasant sensations before sex itself. The ideal would be to ensure that the woman herself will be ready to remove everything superfluous from herself and from the man.

At this point, the first rule about ears still applies. Before sex, it is enough for a guy to clarify how she likes it. A simple playful question, "Are you softer or tougher?" make the task much easier. You need to understand that some girls will die of boredom while the partner draws patterns on her body with his tongue.

Forget everything you've been taught...

Unfortunately, the misconception about the sexual sphere is molded by porn. You need to understand that not everything seen on the "big screen" can and should be brought to life. Not all girls like rudeness and submission, and having anal sex without preparation is very traumatic and dangerous.

what it takes to be a good lover

Admire her body

It is important for a woman when her body is admired. Her thoughts that this crease on her stomach looks disgusting or some extra hair on her body is too noticeable can prevent her from reaching orgasm. Therefore, it is important for a good lover to show the girl that she is beautiful, like an ancient Greek goddess.

Use language

Another important quality of a good lover is the ability to use language. If both partners are not against such foreplay, then it is the man’s sincere desire to please her with his tongue that can bring her to orgasm. There is no universal way of cool cunnilingus, but there is a sincere desire of a man to please his partner. To do this, the main thing is not to be shy and not to disdain.

The bed is not the place where any prejudices operate. In order to accurately determine which movements in the process give a woman more pleasure, it is worth listening to her reaction, sounds, and body movements. If a woman likes everything, then a pleasant and stunning reaction will not keep you waiting.

Romance first and foremost

Romantic atmosphere, aromatic candles, intimate twilight and light relaxing music can give a lady an additional reason for orgasm. Any unresolved female problem can sit in her head and prevent her from completely relaxing. And during men's efforts, she will think that she forgot to pay a communal apartment or send an important letter.

Qualities of a good lover

After all, the female brain is much more complex than the male. Therefore, it is important for a man to distract a woman from everything superfluous. The right environment usually gives excellent results. The main thing is not to overdo it and not make a fire because of scented candles, otherwise both partners will not have time for sex.


It is worth noting that only a small percentage of girls cum from the mere penetration of a penis into the vagina. Therefore, an important quality of a good lover is to know the trump cards with which you can surprise your partner. One such trump card is the female clitoris. It is the stimulation of this small tubercle that can cause genuine groans of happiness in a lady.

But the clitoris is only one hundredth of all the points that can cause an orgasm in a lady. In the arsenal of a woman there are points U, A, P, K, PS. There is also the G zone, probably known to many. To stimulate these points, you can use fingering (finger stimulation) or special sex toys.

Of course, it is worth remembering the individuality of each girl in bed. Knowledge of all zones and points cannot guarantee an orgasm for anyone. Someone may respond to any of the points, someone doesn't. It is important not to be afraid of experiments and conversations with a woman, only then you can be a good lover.

Materiel taught?

An important quality of a good lover is - erudition ... in the sexual sphere. Any “macho” needs to understand the whole process “from the inside”. In this he will be helped by high-quality literature. No, 50 Shades of Gray is not a good guide for an aspiring lover. We need books about female sexuality, about relationships, and about the female orgasm.

what makes a good lover in sex

For example, “The Point of Pleasure” by Lori Mintz (by the way, everything is about that very mysterious clitoris), “Sex for Science. Science for Sex" by Mary Roach - the book will tell you what sex is without the notorious school "pistils and stamens". "As a Woman Wants" by Emily Nagoski - the title of the book speaks for itself. And this is not a complete list of books that will give an understanding of female pleasure.

Orgasm is not the point

Orgasm is not always the goal of any sexual intercourse for a woman. Sometimes spiritual intimacy, contact and complete understanding with a partner is important for a woman. Therefore, you should not be upset if a woman does not cum from the mere sight of a penis. It is worth remembering that the ultimate truth is the reaction and words of the woman herself. Only by listening and listening, you can become an ideal lover.

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