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Porn vs. Reality | Impact of Adult Films on Our Sex Lives | Mantang

Porn here, porn there, porn everywhere! It’s no secret that over the last decade or so, adult films have become increasingly accessible. Just like the other forms of media we consume for pleasure, the reality of porn is that it has a way of changing our mindsets and shifting who we are as people. As a society, porn has pushed us in many different directions. It has brought some acts into the limelight and made other things not as acceptable. 

So, just how have adult films helped us evolve sexually (and maybe hindered us at the same time)? Let’s take a little sneak peek behind the scenes and breakdown porn vs. real life.

Porn Has Changed What We Look for In A Partner

Now, we want to be WOWed! Porn is an overly glamorized, imaginary world, and it has seriously changed what we look for in a partner on multiple levels. First, it has changed what we think specific body parts even look like. For women, in particular, there is a focus on being completely hairless and having a certain look and feel down there. For men, it is all about having the right size, shape and orientation. But let’s come back to reality for a moment, shall we? In the real world, let’s be honest, most people aren't flawless, hard-bodied beauty queens. Many porn stars have plastic surgery and multiple enhancements to look the way that they do. Alas, that somehow still doesn’t stop our search for the perfectly shaped partner.

Adult films have also changed what we look for in sexual appetites. Porn shows people who are always turned on, seductive and raring to go, which just isn’t the way the world works. It also showcases people who are interested in certain fetishes that not every person may be interested in, such as anal play or bondage. Like we said, it’s an imaginary Pleasureville of sex and seduction - without real world responsibilities, kids, headaches, bills and more!  

Adult Films Have Changed Our Sexual Tastes

Porn has opened our eyes, in more ways than one. As we look at the whole wide world of adult films collectively, we are exposed to many things that we definitely wouldn’t have been 40 years ago. Jumping on the internet and Googling our favorite “eye candy” is a lot easier than perusing a porn shop. But most people have noticed that their sexual tastes have morphed into more deviant, naughty and extreme adventures. Some people tend to be into more hardcore sex acts today than in the past. Unfortunately, while this has allowed some people to expand their horizons, it has also had a negative impact on some. Some of the widely watched porn showcases violence and extreme domination over women, and many people think that others are interested in these types of sexual activities when in reality, they simply are not.

In general, men are more likely to watch adult films than women are (at least on a regular basis), so they are the ones more likely to gravitate to these extreme tastes. However, as the number of women watching porn continues to rise, this may not always be the case. Regardless, more rough sex is being put out there than ever before. Just remember, this can often create unrealistic expectations of sex.

Porn Has Changed What We Know in the Bedroom

It’s always good to learn and grow, right? Another place adult films and reality have intersected is that sweet spot where people are actually learning more about sexual pleasure as they watch porn. There are plenty of tutorials online that help people learn how to perform certain acts or better please the one they're with. If you haven’t seen any of these, it’s a whole new world out there!

But we have to remember that an adult film is a heightened reality, and sometimes things aren’t going to work exactly like they do in porn, or as quickly. In reality, things usually take a little longer, such as your partner taking a bit of time to get aroused, and they don’t always go as smoothly as they do on screen.

Obviously for viewing pleasure, there are exaggerated timelines and exaggerated responses of pleasure by both parties. Again, this has created unrealistic expectations of sex. So, you need to walk the line between knowing what will work in real life and knowing what has the potential to be an epic fail. Enjoy your porn and get your pleasure, but be realistic about real world applications.

Porn vs. Reality: Body Image

Oh, what a tangled web we weave. Body image is a sensitive topic and another element that the porn vs. real life battle has changed forever. While porn has shifted our sexual appetites and tastes, it has also changed how we perceive ourselves and our bodies. Women, in particular, have been impacted big time by porn. We think that our breasts need to be perkier and rounder and busting out of every top we own. Our bodies need to be completely devoid of fat, cellulite and hair, everywhere. Not exactly realistic options for most women who have careers and kids. But the good news is there are also adult films out there that glorify certain body types and help women see just how sexy they really are.

Though women don’t think about it as much, the same can't be said for men - porn highlights certain types of penises, and most of them are what we’d all consider to be “well above average” in size. So, after watching one “big baller” after another, men can start to question themselves just as much as women do. It’s important to realize that while it’s fun to get lost in the magical world of adult films, real sex can be just as hot, just with a few more real-life parameters.

Times Are A-Changin’

Adult films are evolving like never before! The two competing worlds of porn and reality are beginning to intercept and intertwine as “cam” websites continue to grow in popularity. This new type of porn highlights more everyday women and men (and sometimes that is the appeal). These websites are also giving people the chance to make a lot of money and have a little bit of fun doing it. They often use sex toys to make their videos more spicy, seductive and fun. There are even some toys that you can link to a payment account, so your pleasure never ends. And while the acting may still be a bit over the top, it’s certainly a bit more realistic and relatable to everyday life. 

The line between adult films and reality can sometimes be blurred, but these two pleasureful worlds are quickly uniting and bringing great sex to the forefront. Our ability to love fiercely and be in meaningful relationships where physical connection is important has never been in question. So, while porn may have changed some things, it hasn’t changed everything.

Experience Pleasure on Your Terms with the Help of Mantang

Just remember to keep it simple – don’t get too caught up in the mythical adult film world and the flawless (and typically unrealistic) acts of seduction and endless pleasure. Make your moments as saucy as you’d like (even if they aren’t for the internet). And if you want to spice up your sex life, consider throwing some luxury sex toys in the mix for added pleasure between the sheets. Go wild and crazy, and make your own porn your reality!

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