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Sex toys and virgins

A dildo is a type of sex toy used by some people to enhance sexual pleasure. 

They usually object that may or may not resemble gender. Dildos and other sex toys can be used for masturbation or to make sex more fun - alone or with a partner.

There are many different beliefs about what it means to be a virgin. Most people agree that women and men lose their virginity the first time they have sex-vaginal intercourse.

Sex has always been a secret concept in our society, and different people have different ideas about it, but everyone wants to enjoy it. Some people like to enjoy sex only with an experienced girl or woman, while others want to enjoy it with a virgin girl.

But if a virgin girl is mature, then it is mainly seen that she prefers to enjoy sex with an experienced man rather than a single boy.

Anyway, girls mature physically and mentally faster than boys. A girl who is 18 years old likes to be in a relationship and enjoy sex with a boy (male) more senior than her.

Boys of the same age are primarily confused and immature. They are unable to decide what will be better for them. And most of them teenagers or young boys like to enjoy with a girl of the same age or younger than them.

Have sex for the first time - sex toys or with a man

So, you've decided to have sex for the first time. Whether in school, college, 18, 20, or even in your fifties, starting your sexual act can seem like a big step. 

And it sure is exciting. We can get all kinds of suggestions and messages from friends, families, and society about what "losing your virginity" can be like. 

But there is no right way or scale to have sex for the first time or masturbate. 

The word virginity itself is controversial and ridiculous. And different people have different views about abstinence.

Almost everyone worldwide, including the USA, Europe, agrees that people who masturbate or engage in other forms of sex - including caressing or touching a sexual partner's genitals with their hands. 

There are still some people who think of virginity in a very old-fashioned way. They believe that an intact hymen is the only evidence of a woman's virginity. But today's educated young generation and most of the people do not believe in it. 

They believe that a woman's hymen can rupture during sexual intercourse and sports and other non-sexual activities.

So let's dive into the ocean of sex with sex toys.

When you are naked or semi-nude with your sex toys (not a partner) for the first time and get the first sexual pleasure of life, it is an exceptional, totally different experience and full of thrill. 

Yes, it sure can be a bit painful. 

But there is an advantage in that you can take your sex toys inside you according to the desire of your pain, your body.

You decide for yourself when and how much to take it inside. It is remarkable for a virgin to have sex with sex toys for the first time, but some precautions must be taken.

Mentally prepare

You first prepare yourself completely mentally to reduce the pain. This period can belong. Because for the first time, you are going to do that. Which is the most essential part of your life. And will continue to give you a pleasant feeling with your breath. 

So you can go barefoot in your bedroom, gently caressing every part of your body. And when you're entirely bare. So just by looking at your body, a consciousness awakens in you.

And then it becomes even more special when you stand yourself in front of the mirror. 

Wow, this unique experience will be thrilling- amazing, whether it is your medium-sized curvy nipples on your body, tight and dark nipples on it or your deep navel between your slim waist. In the same way, your eyes are slowly slipping away from your wide hips, the lines between your full, smooth fleshy thighs, which are either completely clean or covered with light hair - your vagina. Seeing all this, your mind automatically becomes eager to masturbate to have sex. Then you turn back and look at your 32-26- 34 body. Rounded too heavy on the hips and shapely, your buttocks fill you with incredible confidence. And you are all set to enjoy the first sex experience of your life to the fullest by now.

In front of you is your favorite dildo. You go to bed. And despite no one else, you are shy. It makes for a more pleasant experience than a newly wedded bride.

You may also have a romantic movie in front of you on your phone or on your television that gets you excited. You move your sex toys-dildo all over your body. And get absorbed in this thought that the same will happen to my future partner. 

With that artificial dildo, you start comparing the gender of your unknown or friend or partner. And all this is making your excitement peak.

You rub that dildo on the hard nipples of your breasts. And it makes you more excited. You move closer to enjoying sex.

You take that dildo in your mouth and imagine that it is your partner's penis. 

And suddenly, you start putting it in and out of your mouth and lick him. 

And then your lovely dildo, glistening with your saliva, starts playing in the tiny hole in your navel that looks round like your anus. The friction of that dildo on the navel takes you closer to that ultimate bliss. The one you've waited for years to get.

After that, you lie halfway on the bed with your legs outstretched with the support of pillows or a wall or your elbows. And then your dildo does awesome. It goes to your vagina between your thick thighs like a smooth banana stem, and suddenly there is a beautiful shiver running in your body. You stroke your favorite dildo on your vagina, the most sensitive and essential part of your body is the clitoris. That would be the happiest experience of your life so far.
You rub your dildo from the vaginal opening to the clitoris. Sometimes it goes down your vaginal opening to a unique circular closed opening. 

which is called the anus. And this makes it even more wonderfully furnished with a pleasant feeling. Now your body gets filled with the ability to bear every pain. Your lovely dildo, your lovely sex toys, goes to your vagina, but the feeling of pain does not let it in. But your mind, your brain, your body yearn to take in this fat and beautiful dildo.

And suddenly, the grip of your hand on that dildo becomes strong, the waist becomes stiff, and you start pressing it by placing it on the vaginal orifice. Your prince, your dearest dildo, while bearing all the pain, your vagina is enlarging and inside the pore gets absorbed. 

You feel unbearable pain. But instead of pulling it out, your hand squeezes it in more tightly. And you start rolling the bed with your other hand.

This becomes the memorable moment of your life. 

There is immense pain inside the vagina, but this pain is hilarious, unique, and thrilling. And within a few moments, this pain disappears and turns into the happiest feeling of life. 

The pleasant feeling that you have never got before today. Now another new enthusiasm fills in you. Also an amazing amount of confidence. And then all of a sudden, slowly, your king, your lovely dildo is at full speed inside and out of your vagina. And then the time also comes when you are close to the attainment of the first and highest happiness of life. And soon, you see the speed of your dildo in your hand's increases. Your room reverberates with the melodious, screaming, and hissing sounds of your mouth. 

Your waist twitches suddenly increase. And a lot of hot water (veginal discharge) comes out of your vagina. And you get that lusciousness, which is the first happy feeling in your life.

You start gasping in bed. Your breast is moving up and down rapidly; your eyes are closed. 

And you set out on the journey of unimaginable pleasant heaven. So it was like your relationship with your lovely dildo is the beginning of a new journey in your life. 

Hopefully, now you do not think about how you will start your sex life with your virginity with your lovely dildo-sex toys. Or you use sex toys- dildo, does it mean you have lost your virginity.

Disclaimer-: If you use dildo-sex toys. So let it be personal. Avoid sharing with anyone.

All sex toys need to be cleaned after use - different toys have different cleaning instructions. So keep that in mind.

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