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12 Normal Ways Your Vagina Can Change After Sex

The vagina is a muscular, tubular structure of the female genital tract, which extends from the opening of the vulva to the cervix (the opening of the urethra). And sexual activity during intercourse or over a long period affects vaginal health in many ways.

After sex, your entire body returns to its normal resting state. But really, what happens to your vagina after sex? What are the changes in the vagina, and how does it react? Knowing more about it is an exciting look at the body and its many excellent features and abilities. During the afterglow period, your vagina makes all kinds of adjustments as it is in its chill state. Still, it can feel a little different after sex.

So while your vagina undergoes many changes when you're on or aroused, increased blood flow and lubrication are some of the prominent and well-known differences. The changes that occur after intercourse are equally fascinating. These include a sudden increase and occurrence of the color, size, and even the temperature of your vagina, as described below. In the minutes after sex, your vagina undergoes a transition phase, which causes changes.

Sometimes you may feel changes after having sex, or things feel a little different in the lower back. Vaginal itching, pain, or other items you feel after sex. And it's usually not regular, so it's natural to wonder if everything is okay. Or else this change deserves medical attention. Usually, when we have sex, there is not much change after sex, and we feel healthy and comfortable. But sometimes, some changes are seen after sex, which makes us worry that it is normal or that there is some infection or other factor behind it. 

Sometimes these changes are regular, which causes a slight over-reaction, which makes us worry. But it is entirely normal and does not cause infection or other fatal problems. Which are the following.

1. Abnormal Discharge

In addition to the natural lubricant from the vaginal walls, some fluid is secreted from the vagina after sex, a normal process called female ejaculation. Just before your climax, a small amount of white fluid made up of prostate plasma cells is produced, and some amount is discharged with urine. Occasionally, prostatic specific antigen (PSA) and prostatic acid phosphatase (PSP- usually found in semen) are also found in the secretions. And these discharges appear after sex which is entirely normal.

2. Vaginal Itching After Sex

A few common reasons can cause post-coital itching in the vagina. When you are having sex, sometimes the tissue in the vagina behaves differently due to the friction of the penis, Or due to excessive friction, itching appears later. Sometimes the vagina does not produce enough lubrication due to more friction, which can lead to itching. Or the extra lubricant you used causes itching or allergies. Or it could also be due to the latex condom being used. Or, after ejaculation of semen in the vagina, due to excessive moisture, it also causes itching many times.

Whatever the reason, the above factors are common and go away independently after a short interval. Meaning the itching goes away. But if you feel something unusual, or the itching is frequently happening, try changing your lube to the hypoallergenic variety, or be sure to use a non-latex condom. And notice if it makes any difference. If the itching is still happening, talk to your doctor about it. There may be another infection or allergy that needs to be diagnosed by a doctor.

3. Vaginal Swelling After Sex

Mild vaginal swelling after sex is widespread. When we are aroused, the blood flow to the vagina and its associated organs increases, which in general, provides swelling of the vagina. It is a typical sign of arousal, which can last for some time after sex is over. When you are excited, your clitoris, labia majora, and labia minora fill with blood, all of which appear to be a little thick or swollen. 

However, they usually persist for 1 to 2 hours after sex and then return to normal. Sometimes there may also be slight swelling in the vagina due to excessive friction of the penis. If your vagina is dry, it is possible that after sex, there may be additional swelling in the vagina. If it lasts for a long time and you have trouble with it, you can do a regular massage, and it will return to normal.

4. Burning In The Vagina While Urinating After Sex

If you are experiencing vaginal burning after sex, especially when you urinate. However, it is normal after sex because there is strong friction in the vagina during sex, and there may be some scratches on the walls of the vagina, which later irritate. Experience vaginal dryness, and you haven't used extra lube during sex. There may still be some scratches on the walls of the vagina. Although it usually ends automatically in 1 to 2 days.

But if the burning is frequent and usually lasts long, it may be due to an STI or UTI. It would be good to talk to a doctor or specialist about the problem in such a situation. When you use tissue after sex, wipe it by stroking instead of rubbing it. Or wash the vagina with lukewarm water after sex.


5. Vaginal Contractions After Sex

When you are aroused or having sex, the muscles inside the vagina protrude and become thick, because the amount of blood in them is high, which helps in making you feel comfortable in sex and reaching orgasm. But after the orgasm, the blood starts coming back from the vagina, due to a feeling of tightness and contraction in the internal muscles. And this is entirely normal.

6. Darkening Of The Color Of The Vagina After Sex

It is common for the vagina to darken after sex. When you are excited, blood fills the vagina, due to which the color of the vagina looks darker than usual. And when you have sex, there is friction in your vagina, due to which the color of the vagina becomes darker. Although it lasts only a few hours after sex, and as the blood flow to the vagina decreases, the color of the vagina also returns to its original state. So it is nothing to worry about, and you should not panic.

7. Vaginal Dryness After Sex

Many women have a dry vagina that does not produce enough lubrication during sex. Due to this, there is a feeling of dryness in the vagina even after sex. So using extra lube not only makes sex fun but can also make you feel more comfortable, and you can get an orgasm quickly. Smoothness always makes things more comfortable and enjoyable. That's why you can use lube even after sex; if you want, you can apply home lubricating coconut oil in the vagina after sex. It is also worth noting that many people wipe the vagina with a tissue or cloth after sex, due to which the natural lubrication or moisture of the vagina is lost, and it causes dryness and itching.

While many people overwash their vagina after sex or use chemical wipes can also cause dryness, break those habits if it becomes a problem for you.

8. Light Bleeding In The Vagina After Sex

Some women may have light vaginal bleeding after sex, sometimes due to typical vaginal dryness. Sometimes hard sex causes a slight scratch on the walls of the vagina, due to which some blood spots appear after sex. However, this is entirely normal. If it frequently occurs after sex, you should talk to your doctor about it. There may be some vaginal infection that causes bleeding during or after sex. So go for regular checkups to avoid possible risks. And consult a doctor to prevent infectious diseases like STIs.

9. Lack Of Vaginal Sensitivity After Sex

Your vagina becomes surprisingly more sensitive when you're aroused; the mere touch of it can make you cringe. When your vagina fills with blood, and you're ready for sex, your vagina responds to comfortable sex. But after orgasm, there is a lack of blood in the vagina, the vagina starts returning to its normal state, due to which there is also a lack of sensitivity in the vagina. It is entirely normal.

10. Pain In The Pelvic Floor Or Lower Back After Sex

Many times we change positions in jerk during sex, or due to exertion or due to pressure, the muscles of the pelvic floor get stretched, which causes pain after sex. Although it is rarely seen commonly, it is common in some women. But it becomes normal in the next 1 to 2 days.

11. Pain In The Perineum Area After Sex

When we are having sex, the area between the vagina and the anus usually feels stretchy. It can also happen because of being on top of the feet or in certain sex positions, which gives the experience of pain in the perineum part after sex. Sometimes it is also due to anal sex. Which usually ends in a few hours or 1 to 2 days.

12. Drop-In Vaginal Temperature After Sex

When you are aroused and have sex, much blood fills the vagina, or blood flow there becomes intense. Due to this, the vagina and its surrounding areas feel hotter. But once you have an orgasm, the blood in the vagina decreases, making it feel less desirable. And after sex, there is a sudden drop in the temperature of the vagina, which is an entirely normal process.

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