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25 Mar| 23 Comments
How to introduce sex toys to your partner?

Not everyone’s comfortable talking about their sex life, but knowing what goes on in other people’s bedrooms can help us all feel more inspired, curious, and validated in our own experiences. We’ll talk to real people about their sexual adventures and get as frank as possible.

Sex toys do things our bodies just cannot, like pulse and vibrate. These novel sensations can help many people have more consistent and unbelievable orgasmic experiences. And those experiences can help couples keep their sex varied and interesting, which certainly helps to maintain desire in long-term relationships.

Once you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it can be very difficult to switch things up. You can get stuck always going to the same restaurants, watching the same shows, and having the same sex. So when you’re ready to try something new but aren’t sure how your partner feels, we have a couple ways to get their thoughts on the matter.

Throw on an episode of TV that is about sex toys.

There are so many options, so you can probably choose a show that you’ve already been meaning to watch. Sex and the City is easily the most iconic, with its   Jellyfish vibrator episode. There’s truly a show for whatever type of sex toy you’re interested in.

Give your partner a solo toy.

If your partner is a bit more reserved and has never used toys before, gift them a toy that fits their solo needs. Let them figure out what they like on their own, so when you start adding toys to your couple’s repertoire, they do not feel like a foreign experience. There are wide ranges of great solo toys for all genders, so you’ll have tons of options. 

Go to the sex shop together.

No matter if it’s early in the relationship or if you’ve been together for decades, communication is key! You cannot have a healthy sexual relationship if you’re not talking with your partner about what they enjoy, dislike, and would like to try out. Nothing changes about then while toys are involved, so the easiest way to start figuring out what you both would like to try together is to go shopping together. That way, you can see everything that’s available, talk through your thoughts, and get some helpful advice from a knowledgeable worker.

Start small.

If your partner’s never used anything besides their own anatomy while having sex, the big sex toy should not be your first choice. Instead, find the ideal gateway toy, like a Mini Banana G-spot Vibration A50, Jellyfish Suck A58, Deepthroat Masturbator C05 is also a good choice.

Remember that it’s not a big deal.

Sex toys are super common, and there’s a good chance that your partner has considered them, even if they haven’t used them yet. Starting the conversation, in whichever way you please, should be fun and easy, the same way you’d ask if they want try any other new activity. Just remember: good sex starts with good communication.

No matter how you choose to bring it up, the most important thing to remember is to be thoughtful and open to talking through all yours and your partners ideas and concerns. And keep it light! Sex is fun; sex toys are fun, so remember that and know there’s no need to approach the topic in heavy, stressed manner.

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