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21 Mar| 23 Comments
The beginner guides for sex toys

Sometimes, have you ever curious about what’s the difference between having sex with a real person and with a fake dildo? Do they feel the same? Can the toy replace the real person?

The first thing you should know is you have nothing to be shame about your body’s nature react, which is a basic human need. If you don’t want to get the sickness and are without a stable partner, buying toys is a good option.

When you looking for a toy, one important thing that needs attention is safety.

Skin-soft silicon is different compared with cheap plastic or even metal, especially the toys that need put inside the body. When you are “exploring” your own, soft silicon and some lube can help you through it gently and more comfortably.

As there are many different toys in different shapes and uses, you also need to read the details, no one wants to make a happy pleasure to an embarrassing accident, right? Some toys are power strong but the motor is too noisy, lower than 40db is a normal range, and if it is higher than 60 or 70db, you’d better use it when no others in the home. Also, pay attention to the warnings, for example, IPX4 is kind of waterproof, and it accepts water washing but does not use it in the bathtub under high water pressure. And heart problems people need carefully use electric metal nipple clamps, which might have light electricity buzzy through. And some other toys like cock rings or anal toys, better use them with lube to not hurt yourself.

Not all female sex toys are looks like a giant penis, and not all male toys look like an open pussy.

Nowadays, toys are in different designs. Some might look cute and you may just think it’s a normal ornament, some are elegant and beautiful, of course, there is some look like “monsters”.

According to different purposes, they look different as well. If you like to start slowly, you might like to pin-point stimulate first. For example, Hippocampus 10Frequency vibration is more looks like a seahorse or massage hammer, with extra attachments, you could try soft stimulation for different parts, and after you get excited, then use the handhold part gently touch your “secret garden”.

Girls, you may scare to try inside orgasm with toys, but at the same time, if you do want to have an extremely stimulative cheer for your body, try clitoral stimulation then. The classic way is to vibrate to make your C spot high, but now, you also can choose the suck and lick function. You might ask if that is enough just focus on a C-spot stimulant, don’t worry, every person’s body is different, moreover, so many people even can’t experience their G-point orgasm in their whole life.

You might have watched some porn where men are using a sexy doll or just a part of the doll’s body, or “cups”, normally they are a pussy shaped holes and pretended vaginally. Except for those, males also can choose different cock rings and anal toys. There are different cock rings, some hold with your balls, and some vibrate the head of your little “bro”. 

If I use the toys too frequently, will it influence my normal sexual life?

The thing you should know is, love is not only about having sex on the bed. During the love exploration, you get touched and the body communicates, and the hormone and environment all make sex different. When you use a toy, it can bring high-speed vibration or suck on you, but they don’t have hands or arms to touch or hug you. Those two are different feelings, both get benefits. BTW, addiction is not as same as using it when we need it.

But there does have one thing that needs to be done cleaning, especially for girls, who are easier to get inflammation. Every time after use, make sure you clean them, but not so deep cleaning like boiling them in hot water, just use wet tissue or special spray or wash it under water according to the warning cards. If you want happiness to insist, love yourself more and take care more.

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