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What is Anal Sex?

Sexpert advice on Anal Sex might assist you in making an educated decision. There’s much, much more to anal sex than just intercourse! Millions of men and women, straight, gay, and bisexual, have experimented with anal play. Nerve endings fill the Anus. Pelvic muscles are also connected to the anus. Did you know it even pulsates rhythmically during orgasm and there are many ways to stimulate the anus erotically? Many enjoy a finger or two inserted and gently rotated during intercourse or masturbation. Sex toys – butt plugs, anal beads, and anal toys like the anal twist or smooth anal probe can penetrate further than a finger. Anal sex is just one of many sexual positions that a couple can add to their routine. If this is something you or your partner has always wanted to try, here are a few helpful hints to keep things fun and sexy.

Communicate before you get started.

Make sure you are both interested in trying Anal Sex. This is very important. Communication builds trust, which can make anal sex a very pleasurable and sexy activity.

Take your time.

Taking things slowly can ease the pressure for both partners when trying something new. And if at first things don’t quite work, it’s fine to try again later – during the same lovemaking session or another night.


Relaxing is sometimes easier said than done. The person on the receiving end might want to have an orgasm before getting started. This could help them to unwind.


Yes, practice does make perfect. The person receiving can practice doing kegel exercises – that is, tightening and loosening the anal sphincter muscles – at any time before engaging in anal sex. (Doing a kegel is like pretending you are holding back gas or a bowel movement, and then letting go. Repeat this five to ten times in a row, in sets of three to have a maximum effect).

Work up to it.

The inserter can start with a well-lubricated finger before using a penis, or anal toys to penetrate.

Use a condom.

Many STDs, including HIV and hepatitis, can be transmitted through anal sex. Play safe, use a condom.

Lube, lube, and more lube.

Lubricant is vital to anal sex. When you think you’ve put on enough, go for a little more. And if you’re using condoms, make sure you use the correct type of lube. Silicone lubricants stay slicker longer. However, our sexpert advice recommends a thicker water-based lubricant like Anal Lube. Perhaps also try a relaxing spray like Adventure Anal Relaxing Serum.

Breathe and communicate.

Breathing helps make the insertion easier. Talking helps you each know what feels good and what you want more of, and what isn’t working quite as well and you want to be stopped.

Try various positions.

Side by side, or spooning, is often the best for beginners. It gives the receiver more control over the pace and movement. Many couples also try missionary position so they can see each other and rear-entry or doggie style for maximum thrusting.


Figure out what you like…and ask your partner to repeat it.


Many people worry about it being dirty. However, the rectum actually has very little fecal matter stored in it. Perhaps before you get started, try an enema. It is, however, common for the bottom to feel the urge to have a bowel movement afterward.

Here is our sexpert advice on personal lubricants. Thicker lubricants work better than thinner ones for anal sex. The anal tissues are very delicate and prone to tearing. These lubricants protect the tissues better during thrusting. Also, use plain condoms rather than the flavored ones, which could cause burning. Before using a toy examine it to make sure they are no rough edges that could scratch or tear the delicate lining. In addition, do the same for the fingers. Keep fingernails short and filed smooth. Keep them free of ridges. Lastly, sexy addition to anal sex is for the receiver to stimulate him or herself while the other partner is thrusting. Simultaneous orgasm is not only possible but is easier during this activity!

  • Some ask are there any long-term effects of anal sex?

  • Some ask how should my partner and I start the experience of anal sex?

No, there aren’t any long-term effects of anal sex, although many people think that there could be a problem of anal stretching. There have been anal sex studies done. These confirmed that there is no loss of muscle tone or the ability to contract the anal sphincter muscles with regular anal sex.

Here are some tips to help get you started:

  1. Begin by using a finger or a small sex toy (anal plug). Use plenty of water-based lubricants. Lay the finger horizontally across the anus. The receiver needs to gently push out as if she/he is having a bowel movement, so his/her partner can pop a finger in. When the receiver is ready, put a condom on with lots and lots of water-based lubricant. Thicker lubes work best because they cushion the delicate anal tissues.

  2. Have the receiver take a deep breath before insertion. The receiver may want to have an orgasm first in order to fully relax. Talk to your partner about the pace, depth, and rhythm as you’re penetrating.

  3. Side-by-side or spooning is a good position to start with. Face-to-face and rear entry are other common positions as you become more comfortable.

  4. There has to be trust between partners to have anal sex successfully. Communicate your needs and ask your partner about his or hers so that anal sex becomes a pleasurable addition to your sexual repertoire.

Extra: If your partner is a woman, be sure not to go back and forth between anal and vaginal penetration because it can cause infection, a helpful tip for this is starting with a few condoms on to begin with and when you go to switch between anal and vaginal just take off the top condom.


What it is:

Anal stimulation can trigger the same nerve pathways as a deep-vaginal orgasm, so it will feel similar.

Want one?

With your fingers or his, start with light strokes just outside the anal opening, moving in slow circles. If you want penetration, relax and have him insert one or two well-lubricated fingers about two inches into the rectum. If he’s using his penis, have him go very slowly. To avoid spreading bacteria, he should wash up and change the condom before touching you again. If using a toy be sure to use lots of lube and start off slowly, change the tempo to the speed you like. Soon you’ll be shivering with delight.


Butt Plugs – these toys come in many different sizes and colors. However, they have the same shape. They are narrow at the top, thickest in the middle, and narrow at the bottom. These toys have a flared base. The base stops the toy from getting sucked up and stuck in the anus. Plugs stay in one place. Hence, they do not slide in and out. You can train and relax your anal muscles using butt plugs.

Vibrating Butt Plugs – these toys can give a feeling of fullness, with inner vibration that creates erotic and exciting sensations. They have the same shape as mentioned above however, these come with a multi-speed vibrator.

Anal Beads – these beads can come in all sizes and colors, from small to very large. Most often a cord strings them together. If the cord is cotton, do not use them more than once. Cotton traps bacteria, even after washing. To use anal beads, insert a well-lubed string of beads into the anus and during orgasm slowly pull them out.

Anal Probes – these toys can come in vibrating or non-vibrating and some come with mounds or a slender then wider shaft which allows the anus to expand or contract while sliding in and out.

Inflatables – with these toys, you can increase the pressure and therefore the pleasure. Simply use the handheld pump after the plug is in place. When using during intercourse an inflatable plug fills the rectum and can create a tighter feeling vagina for your partner.

Anal Kits – these include different sizes and shapes for your anal play, as well as vibrating and non-vibrating components.

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