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04 Mar| 23 Comments

Kegels, or PC muscle exercises, are the easiest way to ensure and maintain your sexual health.

Strengthening your pubococcygeus muscle, your pelvic floor muscle, makes for more intense orgasms, more sexual control, better urinary control, firmer erections and better prostate tone.

There is so much benefit to these daily exercises and no excuses not to do the repetitions. We’ll take you step by step through two different routines.


The PC muscle is a big muscle band that is shaped like a V. It goes from the coccyx, or tailbone, over to the pubic bone and surrounds the anus and genitals, helping support the organs. As you tighten the PC muscle, depending on your sex, the vagina contracts or the penis moves up and down.

The easiest way to locate your muscle is while you are peeing, stop the urine. The muscle you are using to stop is your PC muscle. It’s these contractions, the tightening, which are Kegels. Isolate that feeling; create a physical memory, and release. Now clench your sphincter muscle and release. Notice the difference between the two muscles.

Many men and women have over exercised (constantly clenched) sphincter muscles. This often leads to hemorrhoids. Learning to tone the muscles in turn allows you to learn to relax them, which again is great for your overall sexual health and well being.


  • Start by sitting in a chair, relaxed

  • Take a cleansing breath and breathe out.

  • As you breathe in your next breath, flex your muscles and hold for two seconds.

  • Breathe out and release for two seconds.

  • Repeat for ten sets.

Start doing these sets 3 times a day. Ideally you want to build to a routine of 10 times a day. And remember relaxing is just as important as working out.


  • Take a cleansing breath and breathe out.

  • With relaxed PC muscles imagine yourself in an elevator on the first floor.

  • Envision going to the second floor and tighten your PC muscle holding for 4 seconds.

  • Breathe don’t hold your breath.

  • Envision moving to the third floor and again holding for 4 seconds. Remember to breathe.

  • Envision moving on to the fourth floor at the top of the building and again hold 4 seconds.

  • Go down the elevator back to the third floor and hold for 4 seconds. Breathe

  • Go down the elevator back to the second floor and hold for 4 seconds. Breathe

  • Go down to the first floor and relax 4 seconds. Take another cleansing breath.

  • As you release your breath go down to the basement, actively releasing your muscle for 4 seconds.

  • And then come back to the first floor again.

This is a very intense work out. You’re learning fine control; control that will allow you to manage the peaks of your orgasms, to build them up over and over multiple times, and/ or to restrain yourself from ejaculating too soon.


The position you are in when your pubococcygeus muscle is in that basement is healthy for not just hemorrhoids, but also inflammation of the prostate (which occurs in 40% of the US male population). When the prostate is enlarged it presses on the PC muscles and the urinary tract. Your instinctual reaction is to tighten up, which in turn presses harder on the prostate. Teaching yourself to relax will mean you don’t need muscle blockers to relieve the pressure from making it worse, and may help as a preventative actually make certain the enlargement never happens. 


For ladies who have been trying to squirt, or female ejaculate, that basement position is the position you need to be in to release the prostiatic fluid. Often after orgasm women have prostate specific antigens in their urine— which is because most women don’t use the PC muscles to push out the fluid but instead retrograde ejaculate into their bladder.

Older women who haven’t had sex in a while or regularly should keep the juices flowing and the vaginal walls elastic by doing Kegels with dildos. These simple steps will make a world of difference in maintaining tightness and control.

Kegels are such an easy exercise. Isn’t it time you put them into your daily routine?

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