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Period sex – better than ever

Sex is great. And also the sex with period can be really great, even if your days do not pass you by without a trace. So much in advance: Unfortunately, we also have no magic cure for malaise, food cravings and doomsday mood. But, we have some really great ideas that make sex (despite periods) better than ever. Scroll through the most frequently asked questions and our absolute favorite tips on period sex.

Won't that be quite a bloodbath?

Even if it often seems so much more to you, overall, the amount of bleeding rarely exceeds a little more than a well-filled shot glass – per month! Even during your stronger days, you don't have to expect horror movie-like scenes during period sex. If you still want to be on the safe side, just stick to the following tips.

Period sex tips – without washing clothes at night

Put a dark towel or blanket underneath. Keep the tampon or menstrual cup in place until actual penetration. If you (or your counterpart) cannot see any blood at all, you can stick to external game ideas, without penetration.Rely on a classic: For reasons of gravity, the relaxed supine position, or "missionary position", reduces the flow of liquids.Place a damp washcloth (or similar) next to your bed and remove any stray traces of blood in no time at all.

Man and woman lie in bed

Does sex hurt with your period?

Some people are particularly sensitive during their period – also when it comes to touch. And: Many of them suffer from severe cramps. But as long as you listen to your body, take it slow and only do what you feel like doing, sex with periods can (also) feel really good.

Period sex tips – for pain-free FUN

Use an external vibrator to warm up. Once you're aroused, the tension subsides and things that previously felt a bit questionable suddenly feel really good. Use lubricants! The consistency of your period is quite thin and therefore does not replace the actual "being wet". Have one orgasm – or many. Each highlight relaxes mind and body. A good chance that sex will even relieve your discomfort. Try a menstrual cup like the FUN CUP. Tampons can cause dryness and microcracks in the sensitive vaginal mucosa, making sex feel less good and you are also more susceptible to infections. In addition, numerous people report that wearing a menstrual cup helps with cramps! Don't forget: Remove the FUN CUP before penetration.

Couple has sex during period

Oral sex during the period is excluded, right?

On no account! Just stop worrying about the "how" and instead focus on sitting back and enjoying.

Period sex tips – for worry-free oral sex

Move the place to the shower – for quick and easy rinsing off visible traces, whether before, during or after oral sex.If you want to wear a tampon for safety, try a soft tampon that is specially made for period sex and oral sex during the period. Use a menstrual cup. We love our FUN CUP because it doesn't have a handle or any other return thing that would get in the way. The FUN CUP makes itself practically invisible.

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