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26 Feb| 23 Comments
Quickie Tips

Is your calendar packed with vacation plans, meetings, and barbecues right now? Perfect – if you don't forget the FUN. No time? No problem! Our quickie tips will get you from 0 to ohhhjaaa in just 15 minutes.


Get to the heart of what you want! Because this has two advantages. First, you're not wasting precious time fumbling pointlessly in the wrong places. And secondly: "dirty talk" makes you hot! Not in the mood for chatting? Then direct your partner with your hands and approving sounds to where you like it most. Time-saving professionals rely on this quickie tip: Hot texting, hours before you meet. 

Couple has quickie sex in the kitchen


We admit: A vibrator leads directly to orgasm! But that's not all. Because the vibrations also make extra humid in seconds – perfect when you want to get up quickly. Our toy tip for the quickie: Rely on the pressure wave vibrator MEA, which encloses the clitoris and stimulates it with its built-in BOOST function in no time at maximum intensity. You prefer to concentrate on another body region? Then be sure to use the battery-operated VOLITA, which is ideal as an external vibrator for various hotspots.

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