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Was ist Pegging?


In this text, we do something that we otherwise consciously avoid: We use the terms "woman" – superior to people with a vagina – and "man" for people with a penis. We do this because the sex practice "pegging" in most cases describes what happens between heterosexual couples, since it is (not always!) a role reversal in the penetration between cis-man and cis woman. We know and respect that people cannot be depicted exclusively through the binary gender system.

You know: When having sex for two, the exciting tingling of the new and unknown always provides a sexy kick. What can help to maintain this exciting tingle even in long relationships is a good portion of adventure and imagination – supplemented here and there by an inspiring Paartoy. Our tip for such a game idea: Pegging – a hot change of position for role-playing game fans and those who want to become one. With them: a woman, a man and a dildo.

1. What does pegging mean?

2. How does pegging feel?

3. What should you pay attention to when pegging?

4. The hottest pegging positions

5. Must Haves: Pegging Toys and Accessories

6. Strap on Pegging (with harness)

7. Strapless pegging


Pegging sex is about the person who is normally penetrated (also called "receiver") taking on the role of "giver" and anally pampering their counterpart instead. Most of the time (of course not always) it is about the woman penetrating a man and so both people can slip into the role of the other. What is needed is a classic dildo plus harness, also called strap-on, or a double dildo. But whether with or without harness, the fact is: Pegging is an intense and exciting experience that catapults experimental couples into previously unknown spheres of pleasure. Sounds good? It is, especially if you follow a few important pegging tips and rules from the beginning.

Pegging couple kisses


The male part enjoys the delicious stimulation of thousands of nerve endings on the anus, the ingenious feeling of being filled and the massage of the prostate. But it is also a fact that pegging is never one-sided and so much more than pure mechanics. Alone, because the woman enjoys her powerful role in pegging and observes while she spoils her partner with targeted pushes. In addition, when wearing a double "pegging dildo" vaginally, your own G-spot is automatically stimulated with every thrust.


The preparation for pleasurable pegging sex includes everything that helps you to feel completely comfortable during this time and can also be found, for example, in our anal sex guide. For some, this is (simply to be on the safe side) a cleansing shower. Others are helped by a (shared) relaxing bath. The following applies to everyone: Do not skimp on the (water-based!) Lubricant and first feel your way forward with a finger or a smaller anal-proof sex toy before you reach for the XXL dildo.

In addition, as with everything that you want to integrate into your lovemaking: First talk openly about GOs and NO GOs, take your time and – this hint goes especially to the female part: Watch your partner closely, feel your way forward carefully and make sure that what you do gives you both pleasure.


1. Doggy Style

The classic doggy style promises minimal effort with maximum fun. Here, the man positions himself on his hands and knees and is penetrated from behind. Pros: In Doggy Style, the intensity can be increased individually to the maximum.

2. Spoon position

If you like it a little gentler, you can use the spoon position – ideal (also) for pegging beginners. Lying sideways behind each other, the male part remains completely relaxed, because the actual introduction can be a bit tricky at the start. What helps? Lots of toy fluid and groping with your fingers.

3. Cowboy

Experienced pegging fans can increase the pleasure factor through the cowboy. In this position, the man rides his partner – more precisely, the dildo. A real pro: In this position, eye contact is possible during pegging sex and the male part retains full control over the rhythm and intensity of the shocks. Once you get the hang of it, you can vary the different positions and stimulations for an extra intense pegging experience.

Pegging - Toys


Which pegging toys suit you and your game ideas best depends first of all on whether you want to use a harness. If this is the case, you need the mentioned harness plus a pegging dildo. Straps and buckles are not your thing, but you still like the hands-free pegging experience? Then try it with a double that (also) strapless, so without harness works.


If a harness is to be used, you can draw from the full when it comes to dildos. Because: all FUN FACTORY dildos are 100% pegging and harness suitable thanks to their wide, flat base. This variety, which the Strap On Pegging offers you, is a decisive advantage in pegging sex. In addition, especially during longer sessions, pegging fans swear by the reliability of the dildo-harness combination, which offers even more control.

Pegging Essentials for Strap on Pegging:

1. Harness (vegan, made of robust denim, handmade)

2. Flexible dildo for prostate massage (Made in Germany)

3. Water-based lubricant (Made in Germany)

Pair with sextoyFACTORY double SHARE LITE


A strapless dildo is a double dildo for parallel stimulation of man and woman (or two women), which does not require a harness. For this purpose, the shorter shaft is worn vaginally and held by the pelvic floor. The longer end stimulates the male counterpart anally during pegging. The genius of it? You are getting closer than ever without losing freedom of movement, on the contrary. In fact, you can experiment creatively with double and even spontaneous quick position changes are easily possible.

The ultimate partner-in-crime for pegging without harness is double SHARE LITE. Thanks to its lightweight core and an extra stable angle, the anatomically shaped strapless dildo can be carried and controlled even more intuitively by the pelvic floor muscles – for full control with every impact.

Sounds good, maybe even better?! Then let yourself be inspired by our pegging tips and get a quick and easy overview of the different shapes, sizes and highlights of our most popular (harness compatible) dildos - in our dildo guide.

Pegging Essentials for Strapless Pegging:

1. Lightweight double (Made in Germany)

2. Water-based lubricant (Made in Germany)

Pair with sextoy FACTORY double SHARE LITE

Are you ready for your pegging experience? Then get our recommended pegging essentials now:

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