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14 Feb| 23 Comments
Buying sex toys: which ones are right for me?

Sextoys are made for men, women and couples to increase their sex pleasure. But those who dive into the world of sex toys for the first time can be a bit overwhelmed. There are so many different types of sextoys to choose from, from different brands and different prices, that you may not even know where to start.

A good start is always to first determine what you actually want a sex toy for. Is it for vaginal use, anal use, or penile stimulation? There are sex toys that can do (almost) all of this, but there are also those that only have one specific function. Once you have determined what you want to use a sex toy for, the range becomes a lot clearer. Online shopping for sextoys should be a fun activity, so sit back and enjoy it. A little planning helps!

One of the most commonly used sex toys is the vibrator or dildo. This is a typical sex toy for vaginal stimulation. Vibrators often have a special shape or bend that is made to stimulate the infamous G-spot. There are also vibrators with an extra clitoral stimulator. There are simple straight-forward vibrators, but also vibrators with a whole set of attachments and stimulators, with vibration functions, different materials, adjustable speed and more.

Anal pleasure bullets are widely used, but not much talked about. It's still kind of taboo, but many people swear by it to heighten the sensation of orgasm. Maybe the name of this sextoy doesn't sound very appealing, but when they are pulled out of your anus the moment you reach an orgasm, it creates a wonderful sensation. So-called butt plugs have a similar function, and are usually used by men to stimulate the prostate. But they look a bit like a dildo, so you can also insert them in other ways so that you can discover for yourself what you like.

Sex dolls have been around for a long time and come in all shapes and sizes. The blow-up dolls are of course best known, but nowadays there are also silicone dolls that feel very realistic. Sex dolls usually have entrances in the mouth, vagina and anus and have been giving men sex pleasure for centuries, without fear of venereal diseases!

There are many more types of sex toys, such as cock rings, penis pumps, sleeves, fantasy condoms, sex machines, whips, extreme toys, fun articles, games, lubricants, attractants, stimuli, massage oil, intime shower, vibration egg, strap-on penis , masturbators, nipple clamps, nipple suckers, love dolls, love balls, love swings, crystal dildos, double dildos, anal dildos, anal vibrators, G-spot vibrators, gummie vibrators, jelly vibrators, latex vibrators, mini vibrators, nature look vibrators, tarzan vibrators, waterproof vibrators, XXL vibrators and suction cup vibrators. As rubber and plastic materials become more and more lifelike, they can be used in more and more ways, which will only increase the pleasure of buying and using sex toys.

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