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How To Get Free Sex Toys Online Guide

It may sound unbelievable, but free sex toys are totally a thing. Despite some negative perceptions, sex toys have been proven to be a healthy way to relieve stress, and they can even add some spice to an already healthy relationship. The sex toy industry is booming, and toys can get pretty expensive. But there are ways to get sex toys for free, and we’re going to show you how!

Key Takeaways

You can actually get free sex toys from various manufacturers and brands, seriously.

Some premium brands have tester or reviewer programs.

Some websites host free giveaways on a regular basis.

If you establish yourself as either a sex blogger, sex toy reviewer, or sex toy reseller with an established following, various companies will jump through hoops to give you free sex toys to help promote their brand.

How You Can Get Free Sex Toys?

People say that sex always sells, but in the case of sex toys, the price of that sale could be pretty high. Going for high-end products could even cost you thousands of dollars. Thankfully, many of these manufacturers give you the opportunity to get your hands on some of their most pleasurable products in exchange for only some marketing benefits. Here’s where you can get yours!

Lovehoney Sex Toy Review Program

Lovehoney is another famous sex toy brand based in the United Kingdom with a wide variety of high-quality products ranging from sex toys for men, women, and couples to lingerie and bondage kits. The Lovehoney website is even a popular go-to for sexual health advice. Now they also have one of the most advanced sex toy review programs in the world.

Lovehoney sends out free sex toys (and other products) to their product testers every month. When they have new products available to test, you get to vote for the product or products that you would like to be considered for. If you are selected, they ship it to you discreetly, and you get to test the product.

This program is available internationally. There are even certain free products that specifically form part of their Australian or North American catalogs. The testing doesn’t involve only sex toys, either. You can receive lingerie, bondage kits, or enhancers too.

Non-Brand-Specific Ways To Get Sex Toys For Free

Many other companies also offer free sex toys to those who qualify. These are not part of any specific campaigns or competitions, but there are still certain criteria that must be met, which depends on the option you go for. There are two broad categories that you may choose from.

Become A Sex Toy Expert

Being recognized as an expert in sex toys is simpler than most people think, but that does not make it easy. There are a number of things that you have to get in place, and it will take some time, but the rewards could be massive. Not only will various companies start sending you free sex toys to test and review, but some companies will even pay you as sponsorships or for advertising you do.

To get into this lucrative industry, simply follow these steps:

Build your profile on social media. This involves creating profiles on all the popular social media platforms. These platforms should be focused on the topic at hand – which, in this case, is sex toys. It can also be slightly more broad, like sexuality in general or ways to spice up your relationship. Be aware that adult topics could be a problem on some platforms.

Create a YouTube profile and a blog. These are tightly linked to social media, but they are important enough to justify mentioning them separately. You should frequently post videos on YouTube and write posts on your blog that talk about sex toys and related subjects. Just be aware of all the platforms’ legal requirements for adult-based content.

Start reviewing products. This will probably require that you buy some sex toys yourself (or get a special person to buy them for you). Do video and text reviews of the products, and post them on all the platforms you can. Tag the manufacturers in the posts. When they see how often you do reviews, they may approach you with an offer of free sex toys or more.

If they don’t approach you themselves, you may start approaching them when you have a sizeable social media following and once you’ve done a number of reviews. Some sex toy manufacturers and distributors are actively looking for new avenues to promote their products, and you could fill this gap comfortably. Some companies you could try are:

Mantang. Based in Chinese, Mantang focuses on manufacturing sex toys that are “smart.” This concept ranges from enabling lovers and partners to control the toys remotely to the point where the toys can sometimes “sense” what intensity level you require next for the ultimate orgasm.

Start Selling Sex Toys

Many sex toy manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers have an option allowing people and businesses to register as resellers of their products.

Some of these wholesalers even allow drop-shipping for owners of online shops, meaning that you won’t even have to buy stock. Customers can place orders on your website and make payment, after which you order it from the wholesaler, who ships it directly to the customer.

Many of these companies offer you free samples of their products either when you sign up or when they receive new stock. There are even wholesalers who send their resellers free sample packs every three months so they can see what’s new and test it for themselves. This could be the easiest, and potentially most lucrative, way to regularly get large amounts of free sex toys.

Related Questions

Do I Have To Return The Toys After A Certain Period Of Time?

No! Thank heavens, no. None of these sex toy companies will ever expect you to return the toys that they gave you. This is primarily due to health concerns, but nobody in their right mind would be comfortable using a sex toy that a stranger already used. The company would have nothing that they could do with the toy once it’s been properly “tested” anyway, so they label it a marketing expense.

Free Sex Toys? What’s The Catch?

There’s no real catch involved. Remember that these companies give toys away for two reasons, namely marketing and product development. Both are necessary business expenses with large budgets assigned to them, so “losing” some of their stock for the benefit of reviews, consumer feedback, and decentralized advertising is a worthy sacrifice for the company.

The only requirement is that you will have to deliver on your promise, whether writing a review, promoting the sex toy on your social media, or completing a survey after using it.

Is It Possible To Return A Free Sex Toy I Do Not Like?

No. There are no returns or exchanges on free sex toys. Since it did not cost you any money, you are technically not a customer. The company is legally under no obligation to offer you any kind of support or after-care. Furthermore, as mentioned before, there are too many risks involved in providing an exchange for a sex toy. Sex toys can never be re-sold or exchanged.

The only possible exception is a toy that’s defective out of the box and hasn’t been used at all or the toy never made it to you for testing.

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