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21 Dec| 23 Comments
If you want bright emotions: play rape!

To make impressions brighter, more interesting, more enticing is the dream of almost every couple whose regular sex becomes somewhat dull, gray.

There is always something interesting in the arsenal of people with a rich imagination, but in some cases one of the partners does not share the excitement of the initiator. But in one of the most exciting role-playing games, in rape (meaning an exclusively voluntary relationship between two people), there is a place for piquancy and some tricks that almost any couple will like.

For recommendatory purposes, a woman is advised to be an initiator, and to play an active game of a potential victim. The best option for the development of events will be prompted by personal experience, and knowledge of the psychology of your partner, but it is better to avoid too quick a denouement. Not the best final stage will be sexual intercourse, committed after an exhausting and exhausting chase, too tiring pursuit and inclination to intimacy.

During close contact with the rapist, try not to break out of his arms completely, let him keep you in the zone of complete control. Yes, and relaxation at this moment will negate the very concept of the game, so it is important here to dodge, try not to let him reach your lips. A slight form of resistance in the form of pushing, pinching, biting is allowed.

For the main phase, or rather, for the transition to the main phase of the game, you should keep a horizontal position. During the imitation of the fight, work more actively with your hips and chest in order to maximally actively influence these parts of the body on a man, they like it.

Do not use brute force in an attempt to confront a partner, remember about restrained behavior. For example, a man will experience not the most pleasant sensations if you try to hit him in the groin area, even in a light game form. Try to apply not sharp and jerky blows (the best option is open palms), but pushing, soft ones. And remember that sharp protruding knuckles of the hand or elbow are taboo.

Lying on your back, try to resist the penetration of your partner as much as possible, use flexibility and plasticity, making sharp body movements in different directions. Keep the hips together for as long as possible without allowing the partner to move into the active phase. This period can be stretched for a minute or two.

If all the previous main stages have been completed, and the irreparable has happened, then play to the end! Now your resistance is broken, but you get real pleasure - so enjoy it and let your tormentor understand this. Feel free to express your emotions vividly, emphasize your enjoyment.

With such a simple method, in a playful way, you can revive almost any old and cold relationship. But it is important to remember that any game must be agreed upon, at least conditionally. Try to give each other real pleasure, for which it is worthwhile to carefully study both the partner's addictions and the moments that cause him dislike.

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