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11 Nov| 23 Comments
15 games for perfect sex

Perfect sex is the dream of every person. To make it so, you do not need to be acrobats and make great efforts. You just need to turn on your imagination and draw inspiration from the following tips.

1. Role playing

Dreaming of exciting sex like James Bond and his girlfriend? Or be a sexy nurse? Fans of reincarnation will certainly enjoy role-playing games. And how surprised your partner will be when he sees you in a short white robe.

2. Sex toys

Sex toys are becoming more and more popular with couples. Their range is expanding every year. In order not to puzzle over the choice of accessory, purchase a kit for beginners or couples.

3. Tease him

No, you don't have to give your partner a funny nickname. Just arouse him, caress him and abruptly stop the game before orgasm. The dominant partner teases the other more and more, driving him crazy with excitement and the desire to get discharged. The game ends with an enchanting long-awaited orgasm.

4. Striptease

Sensual undressing to exciting music will make your love game unforgettable. But do not rush to get rid of wardrobe items, do everything slowly and tease him again. For example, remove the straps of your bra and slide it down slightly as if you are going to take it off, and when you reach the top of the nipples, return the bra back up.

5. Kinbaku

Under this exotic name lies the Japanese art of tying. Initially, it was conceived to deprive criminals of the ability to move their hands, but the bondage has long migrated to bedrooms and has become an element of the BDSM game. Try this original way to decorate the love game.

6. Sexting

Sexting is a very popular type of correspondence with sexual overtones. With it, you can create a playful mood even at the workplace, on the subway or at a party. Enough phone and any messenger. Write him some passionate compliment and what will you do with him when you are alone.

7. Board games

Any card or board game can be turned into erotic entertainment. Before the start of the game, you can make a wish and write them on pieces of paper, and the one who loses must fulfill two wishes at once - his own and his partner's.

8. Playing with the clock

The game requires an hourglass, a timer or an egg-boiling clock. The model must be designed for at least 15 minutes. This time should be devoted to caresses and foreplay. Before the call, the genitals should not meet.

9. Public places

Spontaneous sex in a public place is always very exciting, as it comes with a lot of risk. But there is no need to be afraid and hide in the bedroom all your life. Try starting in a less populated area, such as a forest or outlying areas of a densely vegetated park, or a car. Then you can move on to more dangerous options: an elevator, a fitting room, a sauna, a pool, and so on.

10. Literature

No, you don't need to read War and Peace. Make a choice in favor of erotic stories, which are full on the Internet, and read passages together to each other. Literary salon with intimacy is open!

11. Mysterious toy

Blindfold your partner and drive on his skin with different objects. Buy some sex toys beforehand and don't tell him about them. When the game is over, experiment with new accessories.

12. Movies for adults

A person lives by visual impressions, especially men. Therefore, they like to watch porn movies so much, which cannot be said about women. But you can always come to a compromise: look for a good erotic film with a solid aesthetic component.

13. Spanking

Every person at least once in their life wanted to spank their partner for bad behavior. Why not make this wish come true? Just act without aggression and be careful - let only the lower part of the buttocks suffer.

14. Two solos

Who said you only have to masturbate alone? Maybe it's better to put on a show in which you show each other how to properly stimulate the genitals? Then you can exchange "areas of activity" and satisfy each other with your hands.

15. Silence is golden

The gag is another quite sexy accessory. Combine it with bondage and spanking - the game will be very hot!

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