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10 Feb| 23 Comments
10 sex games for a couple

Looking for variety in bed? We have prepared a list of ideas to help shake up your sex life.

1. Toys

Vibrator, dildo or handcuffs: sex toys have long ceased to be the object of mystery in the nightstand of a lonely lady. According to statistics, two-thirds of men are interested in toys and are not at all opposed to testing some of them. Pamper each other with a vibrator or use partner dildos. A great option for a couple: a penis ring with a vibrator that also stimulates the clitoris.

Advanced Tip: Get a remote controlled sex toy. Give your partner a remote control - let him decide when you melt with pleasure.

2. Heels

Shoes in bed? Sounds weird. However, most men find it very erotic when high heels are worn on a woman's legs during sex. Try this. You will feel like a goddess of sex.

Another great idea is to wear unusual accessories before sex, like flashy jewelry, a feather boa, or his tie. Fishnet tights with a hole in the most interesting place can also be very sexy. Turn on your fantasy!

3. Trio

This idea is in the minds of many couples: a threesome. Those women who offer their lover this version of the game will meet enthusiasm in his eyes. The blue dream of any man: a hot night with two women.

Even for ladies, this option is not so bad, because they get the opportunity to control the situation. However, the choice of the appropriate third party must be made very carefully. Otherwise, the experiment will turn into a disappointment. Your partner's best friends or your close friend is taboo. Who wants to risk friendship for sex?

4. Dirty words

There is hardly a person who likes silence during sex. There is no need to imitate a porn actress, first carefully test the boundaries of what is permitted. You will soon see how much your sex and relationship will improve when you start giving him heated compliments, moaning his name and telling him what actions you want to feel from him. Try this!

5. I want to be your dog

There are a great many poses for sex, and they have many options: we are talking about the well-known doggy style or “dog-like” position. It provides deep penetration. Men really like this position because they have the opportunity to see the butt and genitals of the partner. Just turn your back to him during sex and invite him to enter from the back. Of course, he will not give up this idea.

Tip: doggy style is also implemented in a standing position - you can lean on a table or wall. With this option you will surprise him during quick spontaneous sex.

6. Self-service

Everyone should have some secrets from their partner, but sometimes it's worth revealing some voluptuous secret. For example, letting him watch you while you pamper yourself. Masturbation before his eyes. Bad idea?

Just try. When he sees your desire and how you satisfy yourself, he will become aroused and at best memorize the technique to use to stimulate your desire during intercourse. In addition, such a bold step is proof of trust between you. This is very helpful for relationships.

7. Massage

A full body massage with a slightly erotic touch is a great idea for a luxurious foreplay. You can undress, dim the lights, grab a scented massage oil (you can't do without it), and start with a few passionate strokes. Start gently from the feet, gradually work your way up to the genitals step by step. A game that many men might enjoy: gently rubbing the thighs with massage oil.

8. A little cruelty

Maybe it's time to try BDSM? No, you don’t need to put a gag in your mouth, pinch your nipples and beat with a whip. Just try the game of hot and cold, pain and pampering, submission and domination. For example, tie him to the bed with handcuffs or cloth, blindfold him and tease him with sensual touches. Or drip hot wax on his body, just be careful with it. Come up with a code word in advance that will mean the end of the game.

9. While you sleep

Have you ever woken up from an erotic dream and found that everything is happening in reality? If yes, then you know how nice it is. Now you try to wake him up in the middle of the night with oral sex. Or surprise him with a morning blowjob - he will surely like it more than the ringing of an alarm clock.

10. Don't touch

It can be a surprisingly addictive sex game: seduce him, but don't let him touch you. With that, you can do whatever you want with it. This game of "cat and mouse" during sex can be very exciting. You alone decide when he can touch you. This will certainly be the sweetest test for him.

Tip: if he doesn't obey your commands, handcuff him.

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