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23 Feb| 23 Comments
6 hot and cold sex games

Waking up your sex life with heat and cold is not so difficult: a bowl of ice cubes or hot water is enough for experiments. But why is this necessary when there are so many interesting accessories on sale, and exciting ideas on the Internet? You will find the answer to the question in our article.

Firstly, no one said that you need to use boiling water - warm water is enough. Secondly, it is not necessary to apply ice cubes that have just been taken out of the freezer to the skin. The cold will be more pleasant if the ice melts slightly.

Add to this the psychological aspect of temperature games: when you and your partner talk about an upcoming experiment, the brain tunes in to an exciting experience. This actually puts the nerve endings in both the erogenous zones and the rest of the body on high alert.

Of course, tastes are different: some people do not excite games with temperature changes at all. If you don't want to experiment with ice and heat, don't force yourself. And don't worry: a lack of interest in any type of sex or practice doesn't mean you're bored in bed.

If the idea of temperature games tickles your nerves and sparks curiosity, then you should try them. Maybe they will breathe new life into your sexual routine. Pro tip: When blindfolded, the experience becomes even more intense because when one cannot see, other senses are heightened.

Like any sexual preference or fantasy, temperature play can be both harmless and dangerous. So, if you are trying this for the first time, you must do it slowly and carefully. Rough games with fire or ice water are not a good idea for beginners. Better start with the following ideas.

1. Dildo in freezer or hot water

Some sex toys - for example, those made of glass or metal - are great for playing with temperature fluctuations because they tolerate and retain heat and cold well. Place your toy in the freezer for a short time or in a glass of hot water to warm it up.

Attention: since you don't want to push an icicle or a torch between your legs, you should check the temperature beforehand. Just put your dildo on your wrist - as if you were checking the temperature of a baby bottle of milk.

2. Drops of ice cream and cream

Forget the rule "You can't play with food" for a while and turn your partner into a tempting dessert. All you need is ice cream or whipped cream. They will feel cool when applied and pleasantly warm when licked. Yes, playing with food can be difficult, but it's delicious and energizing.

Attention: if you become a dessert, then do not let sweets get on the mucous membrane of the genital organs. Sugar can trigger the spread of vaginal infections.

3. Warming up before oral sex

Warming up your mouth before oral sex is an interesting idea. How to do it? For example, drink a cup of hot tea or coffee.

Attention: drink coffee or tea without sugar. The reason is the same - sugar can cause the growth of infections in the genitals.

4. Ice cube games

It may not be a super-innovative tool, but it is universal: with ice cubes you will get a wonderful game. Cool your mouth before oral sex, or wait until the cubes start to melt and then let the water drip onto your partner's body. Or gently stroke your thighs or circle your nipples with ice cubes. Connect your fantasy - for sure you will come up with your own way of stimulation.

Attention: sounds strange, but true - the ice can be too cold. After all, you shouldn't let an ice cube stick to your body like a naughty child's tongue sticks to metal. Solving the problem is pretty easy. Just take the cube out of the freezer a little earlier and wait until it starts to melt or warm it up in your mouth.

5. Playing with wax

Now, instead of cold water, drops of warm wax fall on the skin. If the candle is chosen correctly, then temperature fluctuations can turn into a hot massage.

Attention: do not use old New Year's or holiday candles! Melted wax from conventional candles can cause burns. It is important to purchase a quality product because some candles get hotter than others. There are also differences in the content of toxins. Therefore, use a special massage candle that you can buy in a sex shop or online. It melts at lower temperatures and does not burn the skin.

6. Warm and cool lubricant

Do you love lube? Then just grab your favorite gel for a little temperature play. When the gels are at body temperature, we feel nothing but penetration or vibration. If you warm up or cool the gel a little, the sensations will be much brighter. For a cooling effect, simply place it in the refrigerator for a few minutes. If you prefer warmth, you can pre-purchase a warming lubricant.

Attention: just like sex toys, do not overheat or overcool the lubricant. Always test the temperature on your wrist.

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