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31 May| 23 Comments
5 sex games for a long road trip

A long journey by car is often annoying. If the landscape is also not impressive, then the trip turns into a very boring event. To shake things up and get pleasure, it is worth trying some sex games.

1. Sex games with breasts

This option will seem crazy to many, but it is cheerful and erotic in its own way: showing breasts when overtaking. To do this, the woman must remove or lift the upper part of her clothes and sit as close as possible to the car window on the right side.

When overtaking is made, she can lift her sweater or T-shirt and put two of her magnificent copies out the window. The driver and passenger of the overtaken car will enjoy such an unexpected show!

But avoid showing breasts in traffic. Otherwise, the one who saw the breasts may come out and make a remark or feel invited to sex. If you are considering the latter option, you can arrange to meet at the next recreation area and have fun together!

2. Finger sex games

Sex next to the highway, especially in parking lots, is quite popular. However, while driving, it is almost impossible to apply most positions for sex. Whether it's missionary, cowgirl or sex on all fours: while driving, only passengers in the back seat can try them.

But there are sex games in which the driver can be at least a little involved - even at full speed. For example, a woman can spread her legs, take off her panties and show her genitals so that the driver can see them at least out of the corner of her eye. If the lady begins to caress herself with her fingers, the driver will experience a very pleasant sensation. However, do not forget about the risk of getting into an accident and colliding with other cars! Such an experiment can be carried out only if the driver is experienced enough, drives in the right lane at low speed and does not forget to look at the road.

3. Penis sex games

Just like a woman, a man in the passenger seat can put on a show. He only needs to slightly unbutton his trousers so that his penis is clearly visible to the woman. He can then show her how his organ is being stimulated.

But you can give pleasure in another way: hardly anyone will refuse a good blowjob. However, you should not do it when a man drives a car. Better stop in a secluded place, go to the back seat and start the game there.

4. Strip sex games

Another way to please the driver and herself behind the wheel is sexual games in which one piece of clothing is removed. A woman can take off her panties or bra and twist them in front of a companion.

You can also put these garments out the window and watch the reactions of passing drivers. Many of them will undoubtedly make big eyes, which is sure to cheer you up.

Ladies can take off their panties, skirt or trousers and lie down in the passenger seat. And optionally put your feet on the dashboard. You can overtake slower cars and enjoy being surprised by other people.

5. Sex play with toys

Using sex toys is always a great way to enjoy sex while traveling. Even on long car trips, sex toys can be a lot of fun and help pass the time. Dildos, vibrators, anal chains or plugs: they can be used not only for masturbation, but also for two-player games.

The woman in the passenger seat can insert a dildo or vibrator so that the driver can see it. Ideal for car travel toys with remote control. The driver can control the car and press the remote control buttons, thus providing the lady with a pleasant feeling.

Or stop, jump into the back seat and try to play with butt plugs, balls, chains, penis attachment and so on.


As you can see, there are several ways to enjoy long trips with sex games and set yourself up for an enchanting continuation after arriving at your destination.

Of course, you should not forget about safety: caution is paramount. Always follow the rules of the road and do not take risks! To avoid an accident and unpleasant misunderstandings, use the parking lot, roadside hotels and have a sex game there!

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