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30 Sep| 23 Comments
Headache during sex - is this normal?

There is nothing more relaxing than good sex, but some people disagree. They had to go to the hospital because of a headache caused by sex.

A young British woman recently had a strange problem: she had to deal with a raging headache brought on by particularly ecstatic sex. Is it possible?

Too much pressure in the blood vessels

24-year-old Lisa Henderson suffered from headaches during sex and oral sex. It was a very painful feeling that added to her orgasm. In the morning, she felt only a light heartbeat, but for safety's sake, she went to her family doctor.

The doctor explained that sexual arousal can put such pressure on the blood vessels that, under certain circumstances, it can lead to mini-aneurysms. She immediately sent Lisa to the hospital for an in-depth examination.

The real cause of the headache was rather unpleasant. Her partner, however, was rather pleasantly impressed: "So our sex really shook you?"

Headache from sex: doctors gave an explanation

After the doctors at the Royal London Hospital made sure there was no cerebral hemorrhage, they assured Lisa: “These are just headaches from sex!”

At first glance, this phenomenon may seem strange, but it is quite understandable for specialists: "With the increase in sexual arousal, pressure can arise, which leads to a dull pain in the back of the head."

Anyone who develops unusual and severe pain during sex should not be ashamed. This is an occasion to consult a doctor as soon as possible in order to exclude serious health problems.

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