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01 Feb| 23 Comments
Vaginismus: where does pain come from during sex?

“Don't do this!”, “Relax!”, “You're just imagining!”: these are just some of the statements that women hear when suffering from a relatively unknown disease - vaginismus.

If a woman suffers from vaginismus, this means that during sex she experiences involuntary spasms of the muscles of the vagina and pelvic floor. With the support of psychologist Andrea Schaal, we took a closer look at sexual dysfunction.


“When you try to insert something into the vagina, a muscle spasm occurs, which a woman cannot influence ,” explains Andrea Schaal. The pain caused by vaginismus occurs only when the woman tries to overcome the resistance of the spasm, that is, acts against the body. In most cases, a woman does not know what is happening with her body, since sexual receptivity is usually not disturbed. The touch of a partner seems pleasant, and the opportunity to get an orgasm is not limited.


Women with vaginismus can quickly fall into a sort of depression because they want intimacy with their partner but cannot experience it. They also cannot insert a tampon into the vagina. The attempt results in severe pain and hence the problem affects the woman not only during intercourse but also during menstruation.


“The causes of vaginismus can be different. First of all, it is necessary to clarify whether it is possible to exclude physical causes. If they are not there, then the woman needs to seek psychological support ,” says Andrea Schaal. Many women with vaginismus experience sex as dangerous, uncomfortable, or painful. Often this is based on past experiences: painful or awkward intercourse, unpleasant gynecological exams, or even sexual assault . Other reasons: a parenting style that is hostile to sex, relationship problems with a partner, fear of pregnancy or childbirth.


Nevertheless, vaginismus is a disease that can be cured with the help of specialists. The earlier vaginismus is detected, the higher the chances of a complete cure. Unfortunately, affected women often ignore their body signals and try to resist them. In this case, psychologist Andrea Schaal speaks of self-abuse: “In order not to lose a partner or avoid a possible conflict, a woman ignores the signals with which her body wants to protect itself . ”

Often people with vaginismus don't know why their body is reacting defensively. This is because the body can remember everything. Even something that the head has long forgotten. Vaginismus definitely has nothing to do with imagination. This is a serious condition that needs to be treated with a doctor.


After a medical examination, it is recommended to consult with a sex therapist. Slow addiction is the most promising treatment. It may look like: first, a hand is placed on the stomach, this should give the woman a sense of security. If a woman normally perceives this method, therapy begins with the introduction of a special wand into the vagina. This is intended to help a woman get used to inserting very small objects into her vagina until at some point she is able to have intercourse without pain or fear. According to scientific studies, this method is the most successful and causes the least pain.

Andrea Schaal recommends that all women suffering from vaginismus or pain of unknown origin take the problem seriously: "Pain is always a sign that something is wrong in the body . " So, remember: Vaginismus is 100 percent curable. And every woman has the right to the support of specialists and a partner.

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