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05 Mar| 23 Comments
10 reasons why you cry during sex

Sexual intercourse is one of the most beautiful things in the world. But why do some people cry during sex? We will tell you about 10 possible reasons!

Sexual intercourse relaxes most people well and helps to experience a fantastic climax. But can sex bring tears? Some people yes! But why?

1. Strong relaxation

Imagine that you had a busy day or a difficult week at work. In the evening, you lie in bed with your partner, enjoy sex, and feel truly relaxed for the first time in a long time. This can lead to involuntary tears. Many people cry even during massages or yoga classes.

2. It hurts

Sex should never hurt unless both partners want it (BDSM). If sexual intercourse with a partner causes pain, then you should start looking for a solution. Usually a long foreplay or lubrication fixes the problem. However, if you always suffer from pain during sex, it could be due to endometriosis or inflammation. Make an appointment with your doctor and discuss your symptoms.

3. You are so happy

Do you know the intense feeling of happiness that brings tears of joy? It can also occur during sex: especially if you have not had sexual intercourse for a long time or you are experiencing an orgasm for the first time. Tears can be a sign of joy and gratitude. Don't be ashamed of it, but share the happiness with your partner.

4. Hormones

Women are definitely more affected than men. It's about hormonal fluctuations. Whether we are currently in the PMS phase or pregnant, our hormones can put on quite a show at any time. This is why we may cry when we watch sad movies, read touching stories about animals, or enjoy sex.

5. Guilt

Do you feel shame or guilt during sex? Many people cannot immerse themselves in the process and feel that they do not deserve to be together. For example, mothers often feel guilty because they think they should be taking care of their baby instead of enjoying orgasms. Of course, this is all nonsense. Give yourself a break, because sex is good for the mind and body.

6. Feeling of a strong connection

Some sexual experiences are so strong that you can feel the connection with your partner with literally every millimeter of your body. It is not surprising that this overwhelming feeling can bring tears.

7. Intoxicated

It is well known that alcohol not only relaxes the tongue, but also our emotions. So it can happen that a drunken sexual adventure turns into a stream of tears. If the partner is also drunk, then you can cry together.

8. Sadness

Have you lost a loved one or are you still going through the last breakup? Sadness can strike at any time: while driving a car, at work, or on the verge of an orgasm. If you feel deep sadness, it is difficult for you to control your emotions. Don't be ashamed of it, because difficult situations are difficult for all of us.

9. You enjoy pain.

Our pleasure and pain centers in the brain are very close. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people tend to feel pain in the form of blows or suffocation during sex. It is painful, but at the same time pleasant. Mixing sensations can cause sudden shedding of tears.

10. Mental trauma

Do you often cry during sex for no reason? A possible trigger may be repressed trauma associated with sexual abuse. Most of these experiences are stored so deeply in the mind that they only reappear in certain situations. If you are constantly tormented by painful memories, then stop sexual intercourse. If your crying is accompanied by feelings of fear, you should talk to a psychologist or therapist about it.

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