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23 Apr| 23 Comments
5 common causes of death during sex

It is said that sex is useful: it stimulates blood circulation and improves mood. However, in some cases, sexual intercourse leads to death - even in young people.

Recently, a young Swiss girl died while having sex. At the hospital, doctors diagnosed a brain hemorrhage. They suspect that a blood vessel burst during intercourse.

But making love hides other risks as well. People die over and over again during sex. The Institute for Forensic Medicine Frankfurt studied these deaths and published the most common causes of death during sex.

Fast pulse, high blood pressure

Sex is like a sport. And it means fast heart rate and high blood pressure. Overload of the cardiovascular system is considered a key cause of death during carnal pleasures.

If the heart and circulation are overloaded, damaged or constricted blood vessels in the brain also experience stress. Because of this, blood clots or vascular deposits can form. They create blockages in the blood vessels of the brain.

1. Apoplexy (stroke)

Consequences: Some areas of the brain can no longer be supplied with blood and die. A blood clot clogs the vessels of the brain. Stroke is by far the most common cause of death during sex.

2. Heart attack

The same applies to the heart: overloading the cardiovascular system is dangerous for narrowed coronary arteries. Existing bottlenecks in the coronary arteries may close and the plaque may come off. As a result, the heart muscle is no longer adequately supplied with blood and oxygen. The affected parts of the heart die. In severe cases, death occurs.

3. Brain hemorrhage

There is also a risk of bleeding in the brain during sex. Due to increased pressure, the vessel ruptures in the meninges or in the center of the brain. Bleeding can occur in association with a stroke, but it doesn't have to.

4. Sudden cardiac arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest is usually associated with sports: when healthy athletes drop dead in the middle of a competition. They usually didn't show any signs of illness before. But cardiac arrest can happen with other physical activities, including sex. Causes are usually undiagnosed abnormal heart rhythms or problems with the heart muscle. A high pulse overloads the heart, and it suddenly stops.

5. Rupture of the vagina

Vaginal rupture is a rare cause of death in women. Rough penetration during sex or the introduction of sharp objects damages the wall of the vaginal tissue. Air enters the blood through the wound and impairs the pumping activity of the heart. There is a risk of cardiac arrest.

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