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06 May| 23 Comments
7 Tips for Better Foreplay

Only a good foreplay makes sex what it should be: a sensual experience with the guarantee of ecstasy. At least, if the ideas for the prelude are initially suitable and moderately creative. The tips in our article will help you make foreplay more interesting and improve your sex life!

Many couples enjoy good foreplay more than intercourse. Because through stimulating touches, sexual fantasies or dirty talk, pleasure is maximized. The excitement builds, and it becomes more and more difficult to postpone sex. Anticipation is followed by no less pleasant pleasure.

But unlike an orgasm, which disappears in a matter of seconds, you can enjoy foreplay as much as you want. This will not only improve your sex life, but also strengthen your relationship. Quality foreplay promotes intimacy, affection, love, and trust. Want to try? Then apply the following ideas: they will bring variety to your sex life, because oral sex and hand stimulation are not all!

1. Dedicate time to foreplay

It is impossible to make a mistake during the prelude. But there is one exception - haste. This is especially true for men. Foreplay should help partners tune in to sex. This may take some time, especially after a long day at work. Give yourself more time for petting than usual. Extend the prelude to 20 minutes. You will see : the more calmly you act, the more sensual the foreplay will be.

2. Desire verbally

Foreplay does not begin with a naked body in bed. A seductive look and, above all, words make us switch to a love game even before the first touches. For example, how about sending intimate messages to your partner in which you talk about your sexual desires? Or tell him on the phone how much you miss him.

3. Hands off

Gentle strokes and massages are typical ideas for foreplay. They stimulate and relax. But they become boring and boring if partners live together for many years. If you want to improve your foreplay, try doing it hands-free. Let them be replaced by lips and tongue. Caress your partner all over your body and rediscover your sexuality. Just try it and see what you like.

4. Look - use your senses

Men are aroused by visual stimuli. Increase your arousal with intimate observations. Keep an eye on each other as you both slowly take off your clothes. Give your partner time to look at you. Let him watch you as you touch your body. It is unlikely that he will be able to watch this erotic show for a long time without touching you!

5. Erotic entertainment for the perfect foreplay

Only men like to watch porn - it's a cliché. Both men and women are turned on by watching couples having sex. In addition, from such videos you can get good ideas for your sex life. Or how about reading erotic stories instead of watching videos? Some couples prefer to use their imagination. Try it too!

6. Warmth enhances desire

Pleasure comes from relaxation. And relaxation is partly a matter of comfortable temperature. Our blood vessels dilate due to heat. Muscles relax, and erogenous zones are better supplied with blood, and we feel desire.
A word of advice : Keep your room at a comfortable temperature and stimulate your body with targeted heat. This can be done, for example, with warming massage oils. The stimulating effect is also provided by hot pillows made of cherry stones, which are placed on the neck, chest or intimate area.

7. Try sex toys

Sex toys have long been used not only for masturbation. Feel free to include toys in your foreplay and find out together what you and your partner enjoy. Just be careful not to orgasm too soon: little helpers are not to be underestimated!

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