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Strapon is a great opportunity to enrich your sex life

Strap-on, also known as a dildo on a belt, makes sex incredibly diverse. Double strap-on or no straps - you can definitely find your option!

The dildo and vibrator have long been the main favorites of many women. Married or not! They enjoy using the toy on their own or trying to diversify their sex life with a partner. In addition, many women climax more easily with a dildo than with intercourse.

Strapon: Joy of Frictions

But this sex toy can become even more interesting for couples. For example, if this is the so-called strapon, which is familiar to many, like a dildo on a belt. This is an accessory that is attached with two or three straps to the pelvis or thigh, and on which you can put on various attachments: a dildo, a vibrator, a plug, an anal dildo, and so on. The type of stimulation can be different. Thanks to the strap-on, a woman gets the opportunity to be a man and get the joy of frictions.

In the minds of most people, the strap-on is associated with lesbian sex. But its use is not limited to sexual orientation and gender. Strapon can expand the bed repertoire of heterosexual couples. We will explain what options are available.

Simple strapon: what is it?

This basic version is a harness (holder) with various cutouts and the dildo itself. For example, a woman with a dildo can perform anal or vaginal penetration. The strap not only ensures tight physical contact, but also keeps both hands free.

Hollow strapon for him

Not only women can wear a strapon. There are also models for men with a hollow dildo into which a penis can be inserted. A man can please his partner with a larger model than his penis. Also, a strap-on can help in a situation where the erection is weakening, and increase arousal.

Double strapon: double stimulation sex toy

This double version gives a pleasant sensation not only to the passive, but also to the active partner, because he has a dildo inside and out. Who will enjoy the internal and external strap-on depends on the desire of the partners.

A double strap-on also sometimes refers to 2 dildos that stimulate a woman both anally and vaginally at the same time. An anal dildo is usually smaller than a vaginal dildo.

Strapon without straps: attractive sex toy

Strapon without straps is charming and very attractive. One part is inserted into the vagina, the other - into the partner's anus or partner's vagina. Thanks to this strap-on, both partners get pleasure: women can rub their genitals and also receive internal stimulation. With a classic strap-on, this is impossible.

Strap-on: if I don't want, then I'm notorious?

As always, you decide whether to use something or not. If you don't like the idea of using a strapon, that's fine. And love for different types of sex toys is not a perversion. However, doing something only to please a partner is not very good: no one gets pleasure from artificial emotions and efforts. But if both like it, then it's allowed!

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