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11 Sep| 23 Comments
5 important facts about sex after menopause

During menopause, for most women, a lot changes, one of the important changes is the sex life. But how exactly does menopause affect your sex life? We'll tell you more!

1. Sexual arousal becomes more important

The level of estrogen decreases. This affects not only the skin, hair and mood, but also the sex life. Many women suffer from this, but few people talk about it: after menopause, sex becomes painful. The reason for this lies in the so-called vaginal atrophy, better known as vaginal dryness. Hormones normally keep the vagina moisturized and supple. However, with a decrease in estrogen, the mucous membrane becomes thinner. Because of this, many women begin to experience pain during sex.

Therefore, it is important to start sexual intercourse only when you are really aroused - otherwise, there is a risk of damage to the mucous membranes. Only when excited are the glands ready to produce moisture. Good news : Sexual activity reduces pain, and a moisturizer helps a doctor choose.

2. Sex during menopause: Desire needs a little break

Unfortunately, the effects of estrogen deficiency can be more than just physical: libido also suffers. Metabolism slows down, many women gain weight faster and feel less comfortable and confident as a result. Decreased libido is a natural consequence of menopause. Physical activity and a balanced diet are especially important for maintaining tone and harmony. At the same time, women should not put themselves under pressure, because then the libido will suffer even more. Give your body time to get used to the changes, and the pleasure will return by itself.

3. Pregnancy is still possible

Menopause is when there is no period for 12 months. However, many women find that once their periods stop, they will no longer be able to get pregnant. This is not the case - in many cases, menstruation returns, although irregularly, but in the first year it is not uncommon. That is, the woman continues to be ready for conception.

4. Sex life can improve with menopause

Menopause is not without reason called the second puberty. The body is changing, which in turn affects the psyche of a woman. Not surprisingly, women do not want to have sex for a while and must first get used to the changes. But then many experience a new and vibrant phase of their sexuality: they rediscover themselves and their femininity. The end of fertility does not have to be the end of sexual activity. In fact, many couples are relieved of the burden of contraception and can enjoy sexual intercourse more openly and freely, as well as discover new preferences.

5. Sex plays a new role in life

In some women, the libido is reduced, in others, the libido is increased. The consequences of menopause are individual for each woman, but in any case, menopause changes the attitude towards sex. Some people discover new preferences and arousal, while others have less sex and don't care. It is perfectly normal to choose a more relaxed sex life, because love is expressed in many other things. If sex after menopause is a secondary part of a woman's life, then no less important things come first.

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