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08 Oct| 23 Comments
Why does sex get better with age?

Research shows that sex gets better with age. Let's find out the details!

For example, in a study by an Internet portal, 37 percent of women and 34 percent of men said their 40s were the best age for sex. A total of 828 people took part in the study. The authors of the study stated: "Although 20-year-olds have sex a lot, 40-year-olds really like it." This is mainly due to the fact that 40-year-olds have fewer complexes and more experience.

People over 40 are more confident

They know exactly what they want, aren't shy about making sounds or moving during sex, don't worry about a little cellulite or wrinkles, and are less afraid of failure. This is what makes sex more relaxed and therefore ideal.

Married sex means better sex

Of course, it's nice to be in bed with your loved one for the first time. The smell, the feel on the skin, the sex itself - everything is new and exciting. But if you've been married for a long time, and this is more likely at an older age, you have something important that makes sex so much better: deep love and boundless trust. You also know what your partner wants and what exactly you want. You no longer need to hide your fantasies, you are able to relax and immerse yourself in the process.

Mature women have better orgasms - they are achieved easier and faster

As we age, we enjoy sex more and more. And that's a huge benefit to having an orgasm, because it's easier for women over 40 to achieve it. A study by OkCupid concluded that 40 percent of 20-year-old women had trouble climaxing. And at 40, only 20 percent of women did not have an orgasm.

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