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16 Oct| 23 Comments
How do relationships change if there is not enough sex?

Sex is an important part of a relationship, but at some point there is a lull in bed. This is a real poison for a good partner interaction. So never stop having sex.

At the beginning of a relationship, we have a hard time tearing ourselves apart and would like to spend every minute in bed with a new partner. But the longer people are together, the less sex they have. Up to a certain point, this is normal - and if both partners are satisfied with the state of affairs, then everything is in order. But when the love game goes into the background, and one of the partners is unhappy with this, a lull in sex becomes a real threat to the relationship.

1. Passion fades

Sex is much more than just intercourse. It's about deep trust, intimate touch, and moments that feel endless closeness. When couples stop sleeping together, interest in each other usually fades - and that's often the beginning of the end.

2. Distance appears

During sex, levels of the hormone oxytocin increase. This hormone is also known as the "tenderness hormone" because it produces feelings of intense intimacy.

When partners rarely sleep together, there is no regular surge of oxytocin, which can weaken the deep bond between two people.

3. There is a psychological imbalance

Sex has a relaxing effect on the whole body and mind. This has been scientifically proven. Couples who have sex regularly are more effective at reducing stress levels and becoming more balanced.

This is important because stress and internal imbalance are common causes of quarrels, resentments, and even serious disagreements.

4. Butterflies are getting smaller

It is, of course, not about insects, but about the state of ecstasy. Everyone knows the feeling after sex, when the body is relaxed, the mind seems to soar, and you love your partner like on the first day. It is this feeling that will be forgotten if it is not renewed with regular sex.

Thus, couples should not allow butterflies to burrow under the stones of daily life and routine.

5. Increased propensity to cheat

One thing needs to be clear up front: a break in sex should never be an excuse to have a fling!

However, the lack of sex will upset anyone - especially a partner with a stronger sexual temperament. Dissatisfaction with current sexual relationships and the need for intimacy naturally favor new acquaintances with people who can compensate for the lack of sex.

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