sexual knowledge

05 Nov| 23 Comments
Why is it easier for a woman to achieve orgasm in masturbation than in sexual intercourse?

This is due to the fact that in autoerotic practices an individual and precise way to stimulate erogenous zones. 

In simple words - developed conditioned reflex.

Take for example a woman who has a clitoral orgasm from arms. 

She knows what type of clitoral irritation, the speed and strength of pressure to her needed to get results. 

She has this knowledge, fixed by regular practice, neural connections were formed. 

In other words, the brain remembered the path,leading to orgasm.

Psychologically, she is not inhibited or distracted by thoughts of protection,attractiveness and so on.

What about with a partner?

On the one hand, there is no clear regulation of sexual intercourse, otherwise there would be sex turned into a mechanical process in which erotica is killed.

On the other hand, she hides that it is the caresses of the clitoris that bring her to the finish line.

For her, it's like signing up for her inferiority.

Meanwhile, for reference:

There are 8,000 nerve endings on the head of the clitoris, which is twice as many as invagina or penis. 

And the only function of this body is to enable a woman to receive carnal pleasures.

Who is not ashamed to admit that with clitoral stimulation (hands or tongue) orgasm closer, faster and more achievable?

And who has a taboo on this kind of caresses with a partner? I can with myself, complex with him?

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