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Sex toys provide a positive mindset

Using a sex toy during sex not only increases intimacy and self-esteem, but also offers many psychological benefits. We invite you to discover them !

The use of sex toys has become more and more frequent to have a more fulfilling sex life. Alone or with your partner, using this tool during intimate relationships offers several advantages.

The mental state caused by the use of a sex toy is due to sensations such as relaxation, satisfaction and the release of tension or anxiety caused by stress and routine, sought and desired by most men and women.

According to the organization Planned Parenthood, masturbating is helpful because it promotes orgasm and helps in learning how to achieve it. Generates well-being, increases self-esteem, improves sleep quality and reduces stress.

But good sex not only positively upsets the mental state, it also provides physical benefits in that it relieves menstrual pain in women and reduces muscle tension. And sex toys are excellent allies in this regard.


According to a study by the University of Kansas (USA) and the National Health and Social Life Survey, only about 27.7% of women reach orgasm during intercourse. A very low number.
On the contrary, it is estimated that 8 out of 10 women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation, and sex toys are more useful for this.

Concretely, the use of a sex toy allows a woman to gain self-confidence and at the same time help her to enjoy more. A vibrator will provide that extra stimulation that cannot be achieved with penetration.

In the case of men, sex toys can help improve erectile dysfunction, a very common problem. Thanks to them, ejaculation is delayed, so it becomes easier to achieve better performance in bed.

The woman lies in bed under a white blanket and grabs the vibrators. Girl and sex toys in the bedroom

Increase your self-esteem with sex toys

Sexual dissatisfaction can cause frustration, depression, sadness and discouragement. These accessories will guarantee you more fulfilling sex, which is why self-esteem and confidence will increase.

Sex toys help men and women explore each other sexually, discover and know their likes and dislikes, and explore erogenous zones.

When you have great sex, your happiness hormones are activated. Endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin play an important role in the body and mood, which are invaded by pleasure, relaxation, happiness and enjoyment, sensations obtained with excitement and excitement. Orgasm.


The use of erotic games increases pleasure and combats monotony in a relationship. Below we present the best sex toys that we can include in sex life to achieve greater pleasure:

Dildos and vibrators
They help women who have difficulty reaching orgasm, alone or as a couple. They further stimulate the internal and external organs facilitating the dilation of the vagina, therefore penetration.

They also calm the symptoms of menopause, as the vibration promotes blood circulation in the pelvis and improves natural lubrication.

Chinese balls
It usually consists of two balls connected by a string. Inside each is a smaller ball that beats with the one containing it as the woman moves.

The bump causes a vibration in the vaginal walls which causes the surrounding muscles to contract involuntarily and continuously.

Their use increases blood circulation, lubrication and muscle tone. Continued use of these balls results in longer and more intense orgasms, as well as the recovery of sexual sensitivity in women who have lost it after childbirth.

Likewise, they strengthen the pelvic floor and the muscle tone of the vagina, which will also help prevent urinary incontinence.


Phallic rings are placed in the penis and are used in pairs. They are made of silicone and have a ball inside that vibrates to stimulate the woman's clitoris at the same time, which will increase the moment of orgasm.

The pressure exerted by the ring on the penis delays ejaculation and helps maintain an erection. On the other hand, the vibrations produced stimulate the clitoris and part of the vulva.

Sexual health is one of the key elements of human well-being. Wanting to explore, feeling fulfilled and happy is a personal decision. However, the psychological and therapeutic benefits of a sex toy are numerous!

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