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Sex toys for men: what are male toys?

To achieve orgasm solo or to spice up your sexuality within a couple, the male sex toy can be very useful. At a time when pleasure is no longer a taboo, the market is full of erotic toys whose use is not reserved for women. Fleshlight or prostate stimulator, what sex toy for men to give to their partner?

  • Why test the sex toy for men?

Male sex toy: a trend to test urgently

The sex toy is about to become a fashion. In a context where enjoyment is no longer taboo, while the liberation of sexual mores encourages licentiousness and when the commercial web facilitates consumption - in all discretion or not - sex toys are becoming more democratic to the point that few individuals who do not don't have it. And if it seems at first glance reserved for women, the sex toy for men exists. Out of curiosity and then to take advantage of its benefits, it may be useful to test this adult toy.

Erotic toys as accessories for sexual intercourse: to boost the couple's libido

Over time, routine sets in, and everyday life can be devastating for the couple. Tired of their usual sexual rituals, lovers have every interest in renewing their practices, and for this they have many means. Slow sex or quickie, unusual positions and places, naughty scenarios... even more daring than these new forms of sexuality, the use of a sex toy for men can prove to be all the more beneficial. Because it is handled by the partner, it enables a sometimes unusual form of domination to be established, but also because some sex toys are designed to provide the man with increased pleasure.

The sex toy for men allows you to explore other forms of orgasm.

Not all women do all forms of foreplay. Some are resistant to fellatio, while others dare not stimulate their lover's prostate, among other examples. However, these forms of sexuality provide men with orgasms of different kinds and sometimes much more intense than during penetration. The male sex toy, well chosen, allows you to go around the practices in order to experience new sensations, for ever more pleasure.

  • Sex toys for solo pleasure

When the partner is not inclined to sexual intercourse, during a period of celibacy, or simply to satisfy a sudden urge, the sex toy for men is an ideal accessory. Used by the woman for the illusion of a shared sexual act or by the man himself if necessary, the male sex toy makes it possible not to condition the orgasm to the presence and goodwill of the other.

Male sex toy: overview of the best sellers

The masturbator, the illusion of penetration

The Fleshlight, among other masturbators, is a sex toy for men that artificially and very realistically recreates the woman's vagina: by using it, the man experiences a sensation of penetration similar to that of sexual intercourse.

The prostate stimulator, for a tenfold orgasm

The prostate, little known and rarely stimulated during the sexual act, can nevertheless be a source of very intense pleasure. Because many women refuse to try it, the male sex toy explores this new path to orgasm.

The penis ring or cockring, for more endurance

In the shape of a ring, this sex toy for men is worn at the base of the penis, during sexual intercourse, during erection. It not only hardens the penis but also delays ejaculation, for guaranteed shared pleasure. Alternatively, this sexual accessory can be vibrating: the assurance of thrills for each of the 2 lovers.

The inflatable doll, to overcome the lack of imagination

Rarely very realistic, this male sex toy has the merit of creating an illusion: the inflatable doll offers the possibility for the man to hold something in his arms during pleasure. Abandoned in favor of more technological and high-performance adult toys, this sex toy for men is no longer as successful as when it came out on the market.

  • Choose a silicone sex toy for men

For optimal comfort and no risk of harmful side effects, it is better to opt for a male sex toy made of silicone - at the expense of plastic. More expensive, the quality sex toy for men lasts longer.

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