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14 Oct| 23 Comments
Discover hot sex games for couples

You know what's even better than the couples game at night?

A night of games with nudity. Seriously, if you and your partner enjoy a little friendly competition, sexy feuds are a great way to inject some excitement and novelty into the relationship. Also, there really are no losers in these cases. Check out some suggestions for erotic games that can warm up the mood:

Twister with Nude: The famous game challenge can become very exciting when done without clothes.

Strip video games: whoever loses a match has to remove an item of clothing.

Commercial game: breaks from your favorite shows can stop being boring. With each commercial, initiate a warm caress. When the movie or attraction starts again, stop what you're doing and only come back during the next ad. This will make your partner crazy and eager for you.

Tag with nudity: well, the name says it all. Whoever loses can pay a gift to be defined by the winner.


Rock Band with nudity: the person with the lowest percentage at the end has to fulfill their partner's wishes.

Random Kama Sutra: playing to open any page of the positions guide and trying to put the novelty into practice can be quite interesting.

Fetish List: You and your partner need to create a list of 10 sexual fetishes each. Remember and fold the papers and make a lottery. Who knows it could be your lucky night?


Let the games begin!

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