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Sex games: see 6 ideas for games to spice up life for two

Sex games are great ways for the couple to get out of the routine and feel even more pleasure in the relationship.

Luck in the game and pleasure in bed, this is the proposal of those who bet on sexual games in their life together. As well as foreplay, the bet on erotic games heats up the libido and stokes the desire. A playful, fun and exciting way to spice up sex.

 The offerings of products developed for this purpose are large. In sexshops, sex games such as Kama Poker, Illustrative Playing Cards, Erotic Dice are some of the toys whose challenges promise to circumvent the routine and provide even more fun behind closed doors.

But in addition to the sexual games offered by the erotic industry, with a little creativity and without spending money, the couple can start the pleasurable games.

Sex games break the routine

According to experts in sexology, it is proven that the main villain of good sex is routine. This is the main reason couples resort to sex games: to escape the routine.

For psychologist and sexologist Priscila Junqueira, the best way to include erotic toys and sex games in the relationship is to establish a previous dialogue between the couple. The specialist also emphasizes how important it is to give space to fantasies.

“Objects and techniques to provide more pleasure and explore desires help couples to break the routine, lead to new sensations and to have more intimacy. After all, doing something that elevates your sex life also reflects on the quality of life for both of you”, says Priscila.

See sex game ideas

Couples often don't know what to do to innovate and make sex more intense and pleasurable. To help, here's a list of games and sex games that are efficient alternatives to have more pleasure at the time H.

1) Striptease of Knowledge

The idea is questions and answers to find out who knows more about each other in the couple. The questions can range from racy questions, such as what the sexual fantasy is, to the dream travel place. As the idea here is win-win, every time the partner makes a mistake, he takes off a piece of clothing and when he succeeds, it is the other who must undress. Whoever gets naked the fastest loses, but without a shadow of a doubt, when it comes to sex games, no one is a loser...

2) Romantic Erotic Game

In this sex game, each one takes a roll of paper out of a box, using tweezers. In each small role there is a challenge, written by the couple themselves, to be carried out. Going to a swing club or having sex in a public place, for example. The challenge is to accept what the other proposed. But the ideal is to respect the limits of the couple and avoid putting a desire that is already known not to be accepted by the partner.

3) Erotic Data


This is one of the most popular sex games. Also sold in the main erotic stores, it is, in general, a trio of dice. Each one features male body parts, female body parts and six different 'tasks' such as 'hand caress' or 'tooling'. Taking turns with each other, the couple rolls two dice – one with the body part and the other with the action – and proceed to play the sex game.

4) Blind Goat of Love

As in the children's game of blind man, in this sexual game it is up to one of the partners to have a blindfold over their eyes, to the point of not seeing anything. It is up to the other partner to hide and guide the one who is blindfolded with only the voice. In addition to guiding, whoever is hiding asks the other to do some tasks, such as taking off clothes or staying in a certain position. When the 'blind man' finds the partner, it's time for the couple to surrender to caresses and sex.

5) Erotic Burnt Whip

Hide around the house (or motel, or the room) pieces of erotic toys like handcuffs, eye patches, dice. Whoever goes to look for it receives instructions from 'it's hot, it's cold'. The idea of this sexual game is, as they find the objects, they stop to play a little with them.

6) Kama Poker

Also offered in sex shops, this sex game is a combination of the traditional game of poker with the positions of the Kama Sutra. The sensual game has a deck of 52 cards and 48 split chips. Instead of money, striptease, caresses and pampering are at stake. It can be played for two or with more participants, for the most daring.

Remember: The games are a great way to insert some sexual toys into the relationship or fulfill some fantasies that you haven't had the courage to yet! Before the games start stop by and prepare your hottest moves

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