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15 Aug| 23 Comments

Many relationships go through periods when things in the bedroom just aren't quite as steamy.

This can be worrying, especially if you’re expecting it still to be like the early days when you couldn't get enough of each other. But there’s no need to fret. There are lots of ways to bring back that spark.

All-day Foreplay The mind is the erotic epicenter so it helps if there is a bit of mental build up. Send your partner naughty messages throughout the day or even a link to a sexy outfit or love stuff. Don’t underestimate the erotic potential of doing the dishes together, or tidying up the house – anything can add to the moment if you see it in the right light.

Take Your Time Don’t rush it (unless you really must – see below). If you have the time, spend it on touching, holding and talking for a bit before you even get to the sexy bits. Take your time and explore. Sometimes speeding ahead is what kills a potentially passionate exchange.

There’s Always Time for a Quickie If you don’t have the time to lavish loving on your partner, that doesn't necessarily mean going without. If you can grab a private few minutes, lube up and go to it! Quickies can be great fun, and they help to break the ‘habit’ of going without sex for days because it never seems to be the right time.

Get Creative When you do have the time, try new things. Have some fun with new techniques, role-play, or a toy to add a new sensation.

Talk About It One thing is for sure, if you and your partner can communicate and figure out each other’s turn ons, it’ll be much easier to add excitement to your sex life.

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