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Stretch Your Limits!

You're not new to sexy times or sexy toys. You've tried out some great toys, proven you can get into some really fun positions, and you know exactly how to pleasure your lover, and yourself.

Now it's time to up your game a little, with some tips and toys to take your lovelife to the next level. The key to bedroom bliss is curiosity, and a sense of fun. When you're curious, you want to know more about your lover - their likes and dislikes, their fantasies and phobias - both in and outsidethe bedroom.

When you're curious, you're willing to try new things, and pay attention to how they make you or your partner feel. And when you have a sense of fun, you're able to enjoy yourself even if the new thing didn't go quite as planned.

Setting the scene and taking your time is just as important when you've been lovers for ages as when you're just getting started. Your toy box should include massage oils and creams to enhance the experience. Make sure you have everything ready before you get started. Lay out the creams and a selection of silicone and water-based lubes (water-based for safe play with silicone toys, silicone for bath-time fun or to use with condoms). And make sure you have the condoms and any other safer sex equipment at the ready. There's no bigger buzzkill than having to dash off to the bathroom to dig in the cabinet at the crucial moment.

There's something super-sexy about talking about what you're planning to do to each other before you even get started, and it's a great way to make sure you're both into whatever you're planning for the occasion. Whether it's over a quiet glass of wine or a lingering meal, chat about the experiences you're planning and the toys or equipment you'd like to try out. This is foreplay in itself, and shouldn't be neglected. Now that we've got you set up to go into action, let's grab some good lube and take a look at some of our top sex toys for pleasure pros!

Top Sex Toys For Pleasure Pros

NJoy Pure Wand

Sex Toys for Pleasure Pros: Njoy Pure Wand

Njoy toys are the ultimate investment in your pleasure. Gorgeously designed in weighted stainless steel, they will last a lifetime with proper care, and give many many hours of pleasure. The NJoy Pure Wand is shaped exactly for precise (and perfect) G-Spot or prostate stimulation that will leave you gasping with (n)joy.

Stronic Drei By Fun Factory

Sex-Toys-for-Pleasure-Pros-Stronic Drei-Pulsator

The Stronic pulsators from Fun Factory are a revolution in sex toys. They do not vibrate - they pulsate, mimicking the feeling of thrusting penetration. Combine this thrusting action with the ridges and curved tip on the Stronic Drei, and you have the perfect G-Spot stimulator (and the wide base makes it safe for awesome anal play too).

Swan PalmPower Massage Wand

Sex Toys for Pleasure Pros: Swan PalmPower Personal Body Massager

Massage wands, otherwise known as 'Magic Wands' hold a special place in the bedrooms of sex toy lovers. Actually, lovers of all kinds appreciate the versatility of a personal massager to relax the whole body as well as titillate the bits. The Swan PalmPower is petite, but surprisingly powerful, which puts it high on our list of must-haves.

The Guide To Getting It On

Sex Toys for Pleasure Pros: The Guide to Getting it On

The Guide to Getting It On has won five awards and has been translated into 12 languages. Some people say it’s the best how-to book on sex ever written - we say it’s the funniest to read! With humour, experience and a very frank attitude, Paul Joannides guides us through every aspect of sex and sexuality. Armed with this knowledge, you can't help but be brilliant in the bedroom.

Mystim Electro-Sex

Sex Toys for Pleasure Pros: Mystim Elecro-Sex Tension Unit

Add some serious zing to your playtime with Electro-Sex toys from Mystim.You'll need to start your collection with the Tension Unit, which comes with four handy pads to get your nerves tingling. Add more pieces as you become more adventurous, and discover the joy of electrically sexy fun.

Billy Boy Endurance Condoms

Sex Toys for Pleasure Pros: Billy Boy Endurance Condoms

Stay safer and last longer with Billy Boy contoured condoms. These condoms feature a built-in base constriction ring to increase pleasure and longevity. Safer sex doesn't need to be dull when you can stock up the toy box with a range of quality condoms in different styles.

Kissing Swan

Sex Toys for Pleasure Pros: The Kissing Swan Dual Vibrator

Swan make some of the most beautiful and effective sex toyswe've seen, and the Kissing Swan is no exception. This sensational dual vibrator delivers maximum power with a rotating shaft and vibrating clitoral arm to tip you over the edge into pure pleasure.

Pjur Woman Bodyglide

Sex Toys for Pleasure Pros: Pjur Woman Lubricant

Whether you need water- or silicone-based lubricant, Pjur has you covered in the most sensual way.High quality, long-lasting, and preservative-free, Pjur lubricants are a bedroom essential. We love Pjur Woman Bodyglide, with its silky silicone base, because it lasts for ages but doesn't leave skin feeling sticky or gummy.


Sex Toys for Pleasure Pros: Mantang Classic

The Mantang Classic is the original 'Strapless Strap-On'. For lesbian couples or pegging play, the Feeldoe allows more natural positions and provides perfect pleasure for both partners. The small bulb is gripped tightly by the pelvic muscles, leaving the wearer hands-free and strap-free for the ultimate couples time.

Lelo Bruno Prostate Massager

Sex Toys for Pleasure Pros: Lelo Bruno prostate massager

No toy kit is complete without a good quality prostate massager, and the Lelo Bruno fits the bill. With motors in the tip and the base, the Bruno massages both prostate and perineum for maximum pleasure.

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