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17 sex games to include in your "diet"

Watching porn videos is not always successful, since all videos are almost the same. In order not to fall into a routine, but to enjoy each other to the fullest, introduce role-playing games into your intimate life. A change of environment, roles, sexual preferences will warm up your life and help prevent discord in relationships.

If you like to play...

Artistry is inherent in each of us. And if you do not know where to direct your sexual talent, then follow your dream and remember proven tips.

Repeat a scene from a movie

Classics of the world genre: "Basic Instinct", "Dirty Dancing" and "9.5 Weeks". Sexy dances, beautiful lingerie, mesmerizing music and, of course, hot hugs - this is what cinema gives us. However, this is not the whole list of films, scenes from which you want to repeat again and again.

For some, lifeguards on the beach serve as inspiration, for others, cartoon characters. For greater credibility and atmosphere, try to recreate the images and environment as close as possible to the screen. Isn't this a reason to shoot a home video?

Try Board Sex Games

Board games for adults are gaining popularity these days. Cards with desires, cubes with variations of poses and locations for sex, guiding cards for romantics - what can they not come up with for unearthly pleasure? Board games are relevant for a variety of intimate life, rapprochement, bringing relationships to a new level.

If you like dressing up...

To create images, it is not necessary to purchase themed costumes. It is enough to choose the appropriate outfits in your home wardrobe and play your favorite scene.

Chief and subordinate

couple kissing            

For this game, all you need is a pair of formal suits and an original setting that is easy to build on your own (make an office out of a bedroom or vice versa). The leader can be either a woman or a man. For clarity, view porn videos on the relevant topics. Try to bring something of your own to the game, but also do not stray far from the classic genre.

  • Nurse

Although standard, but a win-win option. For this purpose, you still need to look into a sex shop or workwear store. If you already have a white dressing gown, then redraw it: remove the length, collar and form a neckline.

An integral part of the image are white stockings. For variety, you can combine the look by adding a whip (no fringe), handcuffs, or a sex toy.

  • Police officer

Another image that can be purchased in a sex shop. In this game, it’s really possible to roam with the plot and sex paraphernalia: whips, dildos, chains, silk ribbons, handcuffs, blindfolds. As a "scene" for a sex game, both a home environment, an office or a bedroom, and an open area or even a public place are suitable.

  • madam, lord

A great option for lovers of BDSM, fetish and costume play. As a plot, you can choose any situation, from a banal everyday life to a professional one (a bank employee and a boss, a mansion owner and a maid). If you like classic stories, then you should get a costume, sex toys and set the scene. The preferred colors of the interior are dark red shades, burgundy, cherry.

bdsm couple
  • Personal trainer

This option is more difficult. It is not necessary to run to a sports store for a rug, equipment and uniforms. It is enough to allocate free space in the house, turn on dynamic music and put on a sexy suit (shorts and an open T-shirt). You can beat both fitness classes or Pilates, as well as yoga, dancing, or whatever is harder. A good continuation of yoga will be tantric sex by candlelight, subdued light and relaxing music.

  • Professor and student

One of the favorite images of many couples, which does not require special preparation and plotting. To do this, it is enough for one of the partners to pretend to be a student who cannot pass the exam, and the other to become a strict teacher who cannot assess the student's knowledge. Both partners can wear beautiful underwear under classic university suits (leather belts on the torso, hips and groin area are suitable for a guy).

If you like it hot...

  • Sex in a public place

Surely many dreamed of having sex in a crowded place. For some couples, the risk of being noticed especially warms up their intimate life. But what are the best places for such games? Bars, cafes, cinemas, parks, public transport, a tourist trip, the beach are ideal locations for sex.

If you are extremely shy and afraid that someone will notice you, then start with closed areas: bars and cinemas. Subdued lights and interest in completely different things will divert the attention of others and give you the opportunity to fully enjoy each other.

  • sex in taxi

couple in car

Sex in a taxi is a very dubious option, but many people love it for extreme sports. It is not necessary to experiment with classic or hard sex. For starters, joint masturbation and petting elements are suitable. For a change, you can resort to the use of sex toys, liquid stimulant gels. A similar rule applies to sex in any public transport.

  • Threesome

Threesome sex is suitable for super-liberated couples who are not just looking for variety in intimacy, but want to get the most out of life. mainThe first rules of such games are the use of contraceptives or preliminary testing for STDs.

  • Homemade porn

Homemade porn videos always differ from staged ones by naturalness and liveliness of emotions. At first, it will be difficult to feel relaxed, as thoughts about the camera will interfere somewhat. However, over time, you will learn to ignore it.

Make a plan for the topics of the videos for the month. Let it include scenes from castings, walks in the park, nursing care, etc. Video of home production is always perceived with special awe and desire.

If you like being looked at...

  • Masturbate in front of each other

According to statistics, many couples cannot become aroused without visualizing their partner's masturbation. What else is it needed for?

girl sucking her thumb

By caressing each other, you show which manipulations bring you pleasure, and which ones you would prefer to refuse. The bottom line is that the partner will look not only at the process of self-satisfaction, but also follow your gaze. This technique will greatly improve your sex life and help answer many questions without words.

  • Add sex toys

The idea of using sex toys is especially relevant for women who cannot orgasm from vaginal penetration alone. However, men do not refuse toys either, acquiring rings, clamps and even anal balls. The main thing is not to forget to carefully handle the toy or put a condom on it before insertion.

  • Striptease

This is where you should not immediately look at your chosen ones. Beautiful erotic dances are loved not only by men, but also by women. As a location, you can use a bedroom, a shower cabin, a balcony or a loggia, an open area in nature. As for dancing, you should not come up with intricate movements that will look stupid. Dance with your soul and to pleasant music.

If you like being in control...

  • Handcuffs

Now comes the heavy artillery. Bondage is a spicy note for couples who prefer master-slave games. As handcuffs, you can use leather, metal or fabric (usually ribbons or ordinary belts). However, be careful - awkward or fast movement can cause injury.

  • Blindfold

You can combine the blindfold with sex toys, thermal effects, or even use this technique in group sex. As bandages, leather straps, silk ribbons, ready-made bandages are applicable.

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