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TOP 10 vibrators with MANTANG - rabbit, vibrating bullet and others

A few years ago, sex toys were only available in specialty stores, so they weren't as popular as they are today. No wonder, because sex shops are not in all cities. Fortunately, those times are long gone, and today adult toys are sold on all popular marketplaces, including MANTANG.

We carefully studied the wide range of sex products presented in the MANTANG online store and compiled the top 10 vibrators that customers liked the most.

Top best vibrators with MANTANG

  • Vibrator Mister Gentle (Mr. Gentle) heated

Heated Mister Gentle Vibrator

This multifunctional double-sided vibratory massager for women is a real bestseller. It is suitable for both vaginal and anal penetration, and for clitoral stimulation. The main advantage of this model is its versatility. The gadget has two different ends: one imitates the shape of the penis, the other resembles the nozzle of a conventional clitoral stimulator microphone.

The toy has 14 vibration modes.  The length of the vibrator is 22 cm. Mains powered, the charge lasts for 3 hours of continuous operation, which is impressive. The toy is made of medical silicone, completely waterproof, so it can be safely used in the shower. An unusual function of this toy is the ability to heat up. According to the manufacturer, the tip of the vibrator heats up in about 7 minutes.

Combined with soft silicone, the heating provides the most realistic feeling, and its surface is similar to human skin. The vibrator is presented in a cute bright pink color. Well, a nice bonus - the toy can be used to massage other parts of the body, such as legs or back. Well, it is unlikely that anyone will resort to the help of vibrators for these purposes, but the property is useful in any case.

  • Gris vibrator (vaginal, clitoral and anal massager)

Gris vibrator (vaginal, clitoral and anal massager)

The advantage of this gadget is its universal size: 3 cm wide and 18 cm long. This model is suitable for almost all women, regardless of age and sexual experience. Like the previous toy, this vibrator can be used to stimulate all erogenous zones: it is suitable for anal-vaginal stimulation as well as for clitoral.

The Gris vibrator has a classic phallic shape with a ribbed surface, 3 vibration zones and a sleek design. The toy has several vibration speeds that change smoothly. During operation, the vibrator pulsates over the entire surface. The toy runs on three AA batteries. The vibratory massager can be taken with you into the shower, while it is not afraid of temperature changes - a useful feature. This model is suitable even for those customers who are just starting to get acquainted with sex gadgets.

  • AReligion Rabbit Clit & G Spot Vibrator

AReligion Clit G Spot Rabbit Vibrator

The next guest on our list is the classic version of the rabbit vibrator for women. This toy has as many as 30 vibration speeds, so there is no doubt that it is capable of bringing any customer to ecstasy. The vibrator is designed to stimulate the G-spot and clitoris.

Like all rabbit toys, the AReligion vibrating massager has 2 tips: the phallic zone for penetration and the clitoral zone. The manufacturer assures that the movements of the vibrator are very gentle and stimulating, which is a big plus. After all, some gadgets have too sharp vibration, which brings discomfort.

Vibrator length - 19 cm, presented in a sexy white and purple colors. Powered by two AA batteries.

  • Vibrator Hello Kiki Crystal Stick (A202)

Hello Kiki Crystal Stick Vibrator (A202)

This toy fully justifies its elegant name and strikes, first of all, with its extraordinary appearance. Yes, the creators did their best, and the vibrator really looks extremely unusual and attracts the eye: a colored rod shimmers inside the transparent top layer. The model is presented in 4 colors: pale blue, scarlet, pink and purple.

Such a vibratory massager is suitable for those who pay attention not only to the functionality of the vibrator, but also to its external data. However, with the feature set of the Hello Kiki Crystal Stick, everything is also very good. The vibrator has a length of 18 cm and several modes of stimulation. In shape, it resembles the male genital organ and has a relief surface that enhances sensations.

The toy is completely waterproof, which allows you to use it in the shower. This model requires 2 AAA batteries. A nice addition to the toy upon purchase will be the lubricant included.

  • Vibrator Hello Kiki Magic Stick (B053)

Hello Kiki Magic Stick Vibrator (B053)

Another popular model from the Hello Kiki brand. This time, the toy has a more standard look for this type of vibrator. The Magic Stick is suitable for clitoris and G-zone stimulation. The toy has 3 vibration zones and several modes that are switched using a sensitive roller located at the base.

The model is presented in pink and purple colors. Like the previous toy from Hello Kiki, this massager can be safely taken with you to the bathroom. The gadget requires 2 AA batteries to operate. Size - 18.5 cm. In general, this vibrator is suitable for beginners, as it has a standard shape and set of functions.

  • Gris mini vibrator for clitoris, G-spot and prostate stimulation

Gris mini vibrator for clitoris, G-spot and prostate stimulation

The main advantage of such vibrators is their compactness and mobility. You can easily find a place for this cute toy even in the smallest handbag, and the massager will delight you anywhere. The length of this model is only 13 cm.

Mini-vibrator from Gris can be used by both partners: unlike the previous participants in our top, this gadget is able to give pleasure not only to women, but also to men. The toy is suitable for clitoris, vaginal penetration and prostate stimulation. Useful property - the toy works very quietly.

Thanks to its compact size, the vibrator only needs one AA battery to operate. The mini massager is presented on the site in 4 colors: blue, pink, black and even lavender. Completely waterproof.

  • Vibrator Hello Kiki Fobos Duo (LW-G-SV5)

Hello Kiki Fobos Duo Vibrator (LW-G-SV5)

This rabbit model has two zones of stimulation and is suitable for clitoris and vaginal penetration. In addition, the vibrator is distinguished by a flexible design that bends with movements. This ensures continuous contact with the clitoris in almost any position. By the way, each of the tips can work separately, so you can choose whether the clitoris and G-spot will be stimulated separately or at the same time.

Hello Kiki Fobos Duo has 30 vibration modes. Made of quality medical grade silicone and waterproof.  Comes with lube and batteries. Available in red, blue, purple, pink, purple and black.

  • Vibrating bullet GRIS

GRIS Vibrating Bullet

Another compact vibrator that will come in handy not only in the bedroom, but also on any trip. Despite its size (9.3 cm), this baby has 10 vibration modes - an impressive number for such toys. The gadget quickly absorbs the warmth of the hand and is suitable for all types of stimulation.

The Gris Vibrating Bullet is distinguished by its intense pulsation, which also makes it one of the best options among mini vibrators, since compact toys tend to suffer from insufficient vibration.

The surface material of the toy is premium quality velvety silicone. The vibrator works almost silently. Powered by AAA battery. You can take it with you to the shower. Shown in black and pink.

  • Vibrator Hello Kiki Deimos Duo (LW-G-F1)

Hello Kiki Deimos Duo Vibrator (LW-G-F1)

Classic rabbit 20 cm long with an enlarged head for better stimulation of the G-spot. It has 30 vibration modes and a smooth surface. Thanks to two motors, simultaneous or separate stimulation of the clitoral and vaginal zones is possible. The toy runs on 2 AAA batteries, which are included. Vibrating massager can be used in the bathroom. Suitable for both beginners and experienced customers. It is presented in black, pink and lilac colors.

  • Vibrator OLLO – intimo

OLLO Vibrator– intimo

A clitoral stimulator with a very unusual color palette: in addition to the standard black and pink colors, you will find orange in the assortment, which makes the toy look a bit like a carrot. However, don't be fooled by the fun looks of this vibrator: it is capable of driving you to the very peak of pleasure thanks to its curved head. Waterproof, powered by AA batteries. The dimensions are small - 12.5 cm, which makes the toy convenient for entertainment outside the home.

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