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12 tips on how to properly use a dildo

The acquisition of a dildo is a crucial step. There is nothing wrong with doubts and fears before buying, and the number of questions about use, storage and other aspects is only increasing. There are many reasons for buying a dildo: someone wants to diversify sex, and someone is bored with manual mode, if you know what we mean.

Don't be afraid to ask these questions! After all, the important knowledge about traditional sex is still a mystery to many people, so if you're eyeing your first toy, you're one step closer to being a "sex guru." Especially for those who want to, but do not know how to ask, we have prepared 12 basic rules for handling a dildo.

12 rules for using a dildo

Choose Your Dildo Carefully

Trite? Perhaps, but we definitely do not recommend going to a sex shop without basic knowledge. If you already have a dildo and this article is just an occasion to refresh your knowledge and learn something new, feel free to move on to the next paragraph. Newbie experimenters should take into account several criteria when choosing a dildo:


The size;

The form;

Possibility of anal penetration;

Mounting available.

The very first site of sex toys will give out a huge number of phalluses of all colors and shapes, it's easy to get lost, but don't panic! Remember, or rather write down, that there are straight and curved dildos to stimulate the G-spot. It is also important to know in advance the size of the toy and the presence of expansion at the base, in case of anal penetration.

In addition, some strap-ons are hip-mounted for partner use, and suction cup-mounted for stable attachment to the floor, wall, or wherever your imagination takes you.

A thorough approach requires the choice of material. All sex toys are divided into 2 large-scale groups:

scarlet doll
  1. porous;

  2. Non-porous;

The first type of materials has tiny holes that, without thorough cleaning, become clogged with debris, grease, and become an ideal environment for the development of fungi. That is why it is better for beginners to look at non-porous materials.

The most common non-porous materials are: glass, gold (metals), and silicone. They are easier to care for, and can also be used in partner sex, after putting on a condom.

Of course, contraception is important in solo as well. You do not want to get an unpleasant illness or irritation in addition to a violent orgasm, do you?

  • Get some strap-on play straps

The strap is an indispensable purchase if hot games for two are planned. With the fastener, the strap-on is easily fixed on the hips (and other parts of the body) to experiment with role reversal.

Some dildos come with straps, but most often you have to buy them separately. The choice of fastening also cannot be made thoughtlessly. Important: style, material, length of the product and compatibility with the phallus.

  • Don't neglect lubrication

The amount of lubricant released is a completely individual characteristic. Some girls, despite their great desire, remain dry, while their girlfriends in the truest sense of the expression "squeeze out their underpants." You should not feel embarrassed due to physiology, it is better to take a closer look at a good lubricant.

Since the dildo does not produce natural precum, it needs good hydration. The main rule - you can not combine incompatible.

black dildo
  1. Silicone toys deteriorate when silicone-based lubricants are used;

  2. Condoms dissolve and roll in oil.

The best solution is a water-based lubricant.

  • Use condoms

In fact, any sexual practice should be as safe as possible. Transmission of STDs through a dildo is quite common. If you use the toy with a partner, then the condom is not a recommendation, but a necessity. By wearing a condom, you will reduce the risk of contracting the papillomavirus, gonorrhea, and chlamydia.

It is also worth changing the condom when changing the type of sex (from vaginal to anal), since bacteria from the intestines, getting into the microflora of the vagina, or the urethra, can cause urinary tract infections and thrush.

  • Discuss buying a dildo with a partner

Couples who have decided to experiment with sex toys are faced with choice problems much more often. The most popular question: “Does everyone need to buy their own toy?”. The use of one or more dildos in a pair depends only on the disgust and level of trust of the partners. Feel free to ask your soulmate questions, find out your preferences, because sex should be a pleasure to all participants.

  • Say "YES" to foreplay

If you purchased a lubricant, doctors still recommend spending 10-15 minutes relaxing and warming up to avoid injury. Foreplay is just as much a part of sex, and for women, pleasant caresses before penetration increase the chance of reaching a vivid orgasm without additional stimulation of the clitoris.

wooden dildo

Moreover, foreplay helps to get to know your body better, to find new erogenous zones. The purchased dildo will work at this stage as well. In addition to hands and tongue, the vulva is sensitive to teasing with a dildo, which causes anticipation.

  • Experiment with Techniques

Dildo in the view of many is nothing more than a silicone replacement for the penis, as hinted at by its shape. However, there are a lot of opportunities to fool around with a sex toy, you just have to turn on your imagination.

Try to pay attention not to penetration, but to light strokes, especially if the dildo is notnon-standard shape or with a ribbed surface. It is also not necessary to imitate frictions, the feeling of fullness during the stimulation of other erogenous zones is no less exciting practice.

  • Feel free to change positions

This aspect applies to both partner sex and masturbation using a dildo. For beginners who decide to change roles in sex, simple positions are recommended to get used to the feeling of straps on the hips and move easily.

Basic postures such as the missionary position, standing on all fours, or at the edge of the bed, while sounding trite, are more likely to please everyone involved. Remember to take breaks to tighten the straps or ask how your partner feels.

Do you use dildos solo? Time to turn on the imagination and explore your home. Suction cup dildos are most commonly attached to the floor, toilet, or shower wall. Adjust the height and security of the attachment, so it will be easier to control the pace and angle of penetration. The main condition is the observance of hygiene and cleanliness in the room.

  • Pay attention to the clitoris


Our bodies are unique, as are their responses to external stimulation. Most women cannot reach orgasm without paying attention to the clitoris. In addition to a dildo, sexologists recommend a bullet vibrator, which is also easy to stimulate the nipples or inner thigh. Of course, a proven recipe is also suitable - hands and a little equipment.

  • Everything but penetration

Moving away from the topic of traditional sex, it would not be superfluous to mention that a brand new dildo is suitable for more than just penetration. Give in to the strangest desires, as did the girl from America, who shared her experience of "blowjob" from her husband. Thinking of a strap-on like a real dick can be quite exciting and hot.

  • Preparing for anal sex

Among all the variety of practices, anal sex requires the most thorough preparation. Before using a brand new toy, one should not forget about cleansing the stomach, as well as acquiring a relaxing lubricant in order to properly stretch the muscles and not get injured or torn.

  • Don't forget to talk

You should always communicate, whether it concerns the bed or domestic troubles. When adding a dildo to your sex life, it is important to tell your partner where and how it is more pleasant, and also ask in response. Building a trusting dialogue is the first step to a whole collection of dildos, vibrators and plugs.

Sexologists advise not to rush into experiments, mistakes can lead to real psychological trauma and discourage sexual desire for a long time. It is better to move from light caresses to joint masturbation, then move on to full penetration.

  • High-quality cleaning and careful storage

corn dildo

Buying a dildo, you agree that the toy becomes a full-fledged partner in bed. All participants need to be taken care of! Therefore, do not neglect cleaning after each use of the dildo. Almost all materials of sex toys are cleaned with soapy water with a non-aggressive composition and a napkin.

Battery powered vibrators can be wiped with a damp cloth and disinfected. Make sure the porous phalluses are completely dry before going to the storage container, or better yet, run a hot air dryer over the toy.

We do not recommend throwing a dildo under the bed after a good orgasm. The amount of dust and microbes that cover your favorite toys while lying in the wrong place threatens to culminate in irritation of the genitals and trips to the doctors. The best option is to allocate a container or pouch.

There are not so many rules and secrets for using dildos, and most are intuitive. Therefore, go ahead and order the first dildo, not forgetting about contraception and lubricant.

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