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How to play with the temperature so that it is hot? 7 tips from the pros

Each skin is filled with temperature receptors that tell us in time whether the object in front of us is hot or cold. That's why protecting yourself from potential harm right away is impossible. We first feel cold or warm, and only then we understand the danger.

Our receptors are useful in order to understand the danger in the moment: for example, in order not to get burned on a freshly boiled teapot or not to freeze your hand in a terrible frost when you take off your mitten. In sexual life, the same thing happens between people, because the temperature drops in the intima are even more rapid.

Temperature play involves the use of heat and cold in sex. The point of this idea is that a change in temperature stimulates neuroreceptors, thereby creating a wave of incredible exciting sensations throughout the body. So, for example, ice cubes, warm or cold sex toys, hot wax are used in sex.

So, the temperature game can be both a kind of exciting prelude to the main sex, as well as a variant of relaxation after sex.

Temperature games: cold

Teasers with an ice cube.

Ice is ideal for massaging the nipples, inner thighs, neck and caresses under the breasts. If you put a piece of ice in your mouth (or take a small sip from a glass of cold water), then upon contact with the partner's body, you can feel how the heat is extinguished by coolness - and all this causes an exciting reaction.

If a man finishes quickly, then it is an ice cube that will help as a “cooling down”. For example, you are having sex, you understand that everything will end now, but you want to continue. Try stopping and running an ice cube across his back - this technique will help prolong the sexual intercourse a little.

sex toys and vases
  • Cooling sex toys.

Do you know that “glass” sex toys can be put in the fridge to cool down? You can also dip them in a glass of ice water to soak up the coolness. All this will give pleasure during sex and will be very exciting. To take temperature play to the next level, try blindfolding your partner and starting a game with them.

In general, blindfolds greatly enhance feelings and the very state of anticipation before sex. The partner is in a state of ignorance, he does not know what you will do right now, because he does not see anything. This is the main secret of the blindfold. And if all this is combined with a chilled sex toy, then in fact you will get an explosion of emotions!

  • Use of cold water.

Try to combine something cold with your partner's body. For example, practice licking ice cream off your nipples and testicles. Do not like ice cream and have a negative attitude towards it? Swap out for another chilled treat! Do you know how exciting something cold affects the body of a partner, if after that you still lick it and run the tip of your tongue over the skin?

Men really like it when a girl alternates hot and cold. First he takes a sip of water, cooling his mouth and licking his cock. And then - hot water, but doing the same. Such a temperature difference is very exciting and stimulates the penis.

ice cubes on tummy
  • Alternation of warm and cold (hand technique).

Place a basin of ice water next to your partner, put your hands in it until they cool completely. Doing cunnilingus with this technique is very effective: hot tongue caressing the clitoris and cool hands penetrating the inside of the vagina. Such a combination of warm and cold has an exciting effect on the partner, all receptors become sharper, they sharply feel any touch. The same applies to the blowjob: a warm mouth slowly caresses the head of the penis, cold hands stimulate the rest.

Temperature games: warm

  • Massage with warm oils.

Drop warm oil on your partner's back and start with a relaxing massage that slowly flows into an erotic one. Remember the ears, go to the cervical-collar zone, then the shoulder blades and back. Walk your fingers pointwise over all corners of the body. Feel free to even “look” into the genitals with your hands - this is only a plus if the massage spreads to them.

It is better to stock up in advance with a special heater for oils, or lower a bottle of oil in warm water (but in no case warm it up on the stove or in the microwave). As soon as the erotic massage is over, you can start with foreplay and oral sex - and apply oils here as well.

You can take a massage candle that smolders and turns into oil. This is a special candle for erotic massage. You should look for it in a sex shop.

hot oil massage
  • Use of warm sex toys.

There are plenty of male masturbators that heat up. For example, a vibrating male masturbator called Blowmotion Power Heat Warming. Everything is very simple: you use a warm toy during oral sex or during sex. In general, today there are a lot of warming plugs, vibrators, dildos and other exciting toys.

They can be found in any sex shop, feel free to ask the sales assistant about the functions of such warming toys. Can you imagine how you can diversify your sexual intercourse if such a little thing appears in the sexual "diet" ?!

  • Wax game.

The whole point is that the partner drips hot wax on the exposed area of the body. There are special candles for just such a prelude. They are not as hot as regular candles, so the skin is quite tolerant when wax is dripped on it. Gently drip the wax onto your skin and watch your partner squirm in pleasure as he gets turned on by this foreplay.

The areas that are most responsive to playing with wax are the back (lower area), abdomen (below the navel), arms (wrists). Playing with wax leaves behind incredible sensationsia, when the partner goes crazy, if only the penetration has already occurred.

  • Playing with fire.

tummy wax

Dangerous foreplay, but wildly exciting for both partners. This is a real game with a flame that must be around. You can use fire from a candle, spend on the skin. This is done as follows: the area of the skin is wiped with alcohol, and then held with a spark. Ignition occurs, after which the partner immediately puts his hand on this place and taps on it with his fingers or another object (for example, a small whip).

Do not spank with a whip if you do decide to take it as a tapping object, too sharply and quickly. Remember that your task is not to hurt your partner, but to satisfy him, excite him, ignite the desire to have sex here and now.

This method is dangerous, so it is exclusively for experienced partners who are already accustomed to painful and pleasant sensations. Usually BDSM welcomes this attitude towards their sexual partner. It is also important to have wet towels, other cooled products and even a fire extinguisher near you (if everything goes badly: black humor).

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