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What should be done immediately after sexual intercourse for men and girls?

When it comes to sex, each of us has our own needs and preferences. But even the most passionate love game comes to an end at some point. And then what? Give your partner five, smoke a cigarette, or make an entry in your personal diary? If you're worried about your sexual well-being, add these tips to your usual post-coital rituals and you'll notice your sex life getting better.

Special rituals after sex

Passion seized you, and now you are already experiencing unearthly pleasure in each other's arms. One pose, the second, languid sighs and erotic moans, and here it is - an explosive finish line. Now it's time to follow a few rules to be always satisfied with your sex life.

  • Summarizing

The most appropriate time to talk about sex is, of course, the moment when you have just finished your dirty deeds. Since all the memories are still fresh in your head, do not miss the opportunity to discuss your intimacy with your partner.

Tell us about what you especially liked, what touches, poses or tricks brought you the most pleasure, what you want to repeat again. In this way, you increase the likelihood that these moments will be emphasized the next time you make love.

girl pushes guy away

If the sexual encounter leaves a lot to be desired, or if you have doubts about how things went for your partner, approach this discussion with the utmost delicacy. Figure out tense moments and then try to fix them.

  • Dream

In the process of sexual intercourse, a large amount of hormones are released that cause drowsiness. That is why many people prefer to fall asleep immediately after sex, and it’s not so easy to fight the natural urges of your body. Maybe it's still worth a try? At least for the next reason.

  • hugs

Having sex, turning to your side of the bed and falling asleep? You are missing an important step - hugs. Studies show that cuddling after intercourse improves relationships in the long run. Just 20 minutes spent in the hands of a loved one can work wonders. Women begin to feel a special intimacy with a partner, and men, thanks to post-coital caresses, find their sex life more satisfying.

boy and girl hugging
  • Workout

On the one hand, the idea of going to the gym for a workout right after an act of love may seem crazy, but on the other hand, it is quite justified. The thing is that sex releases endorphins, a hormone that makes us feel uplifted. You think you can conquer the whole world. So direct this energy in the right direction, and testosterone will be your assistant in building muscle.

  • Second round

The sexual contact was amazing and you lie content in each other's arms. But perhaps this is not the limit for today? How about a sequel? In fact, you have everything for this. Just a little less power. Yes, and that's not a problem. Just don't jump into it like you're in the World Cup. Start slowly and gently, let yourself enjoy every moment, and you will feel what feats your body is still capable of.

  • conversations

The bright end of sex in the form of an orgasm is already behind, and feelings are still at their peak - the perfect time to talk heart to heart. There are no rules or restrictions here. You can talk about anything: about your love, think about plans for the future, indulge in daydreaming or talk about the starry sky.

girl sits on guy

In particular, this is an opportune moment to ask your partner for a favor or get his consent to something that, under other circumstances, he would refuse you. Just imagine how great it will be to finally hear: “OK, let's go to Africa next year” or what you so passionately desire there.

Hygiene procedures

You must love sex. But your genitals, unfortunately, are not so strong. They may even suffer from misbehavior after the act of intercourse, or rather from a lack of hygiene, which leads to infections and irritations. If you want your vagina to stay healthy, follow up with hygiene routines immediately after sexual activity.

  • Go to the toilet

Since the vagina is in close proximity to the anus, during sexual intercourse, bacteria from the rectum can enter the urethra (the tube through which urine is excreted from the body). They adversely affect the microflora, and also contribute to the development of urinary tract infections. Therefore, be sure to go to the toilet after sex. During urination, you will clear the canal of possible germs and protect yourself from infection.

tender couple in bed
  • Wash your hands

Making love involves caressing and touching the genitals and other parts of the partner's body, so a lot of bacteria, saliva and secretions remain on the hands. Wash your hands thoroughly after every intimacy to prevent infection.

  • Rinse your intimate area

It is not necessary to immediately jump out of bed and rush to the shower immediately after the climax. But cleanliness is an integral part of this process, and of course, after sex, you need to clean the genital area. Rinse your genitals with clean warm water and try not to use soap, as it can destroy the natural defenses of the vagina, cause dryness and irritation of the skin, especially since your intimate area is already irritated after intercourse.

By the way, if your usual care products do not have any side effects, then after sexual contact, allergic reactions to their use may occur. The same goes for wet wipes. Learn it.

  • Take a Coconut Oil Bath

During sexual intercourse, the skin in the genital area is severely irritated. So even a few days after sex, the intimate area can still be quite sensitive. Therefore, you should treat yourself to a relaxing bath and add some coconut oil to the water. This will moisturize the skin, relieve swelling and irritation.

couple in bath with glasses
  • Don't wear underwear

Succumbing to violent passion, you took off all your clothes, including your underwear. Wonderful! You can not look for him and remain naked. There is a good reason for this: after exhausting lovemaking, the skin becomes moist, irritated and especially sensitive to pathogens.

Underwear made of synthetic materials restricts air circulation and does not allow the skin to breathe normally. Therefore, it is better to ensure optimal “ventilation” in the intimate area and avoid the growth of bacteria. If you are not comfortable without underwear, then give preference to loose cotton panties.

  • Wash your sex toys

Cleanliness is needed not only for your sexual organ, but also for intimate toys. Since various bacteria, viruses and fungi accumulate on them, they can become carriers of infections and other STDs. Clean your sex toys after each use and store them in special bags so that the cat does not accidentally walk on them and dust and dirt settle. It is best to clean them before use.

By the way, do not forget to put a new condom on the vibrator if it is used not only for your sexual pleasures.

  • drink water

Of course, sex is a pleasant physical exercise. However, after an act of love, you need to do the same thing as after a grueling workout: drink plenty of water!

tender couple in bed

In the process of sexual intercourse, dehydration occurs, which also affects the vagina. That is why it is necessary to replenish the water balance by drinking 2 glasses of water.

Plus, drinking plenty of water will ensure that you have to go to the bathroom. By cleaning your urethra, you will get rid of bacteria that cause infections.

  • Eat foods rich in probiotics

Passionate sex has lost all your strength, that you even wanted to eat something? Then move towards the refrigerator! First of all, turn your attention to yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers. They not only satisfy hunger, but also promote sexual well-being. The thing is that these products contain probiotics - the same beneficial bacteria that live in the vagina.

  • Check with a doctor

It's no secret that sex carries the risk of transmitting infectious diseases. In most cases, genital infections do not have obvious symptoms, so only testing can reveal their presence. Take care of your health - get tested for STDs, this will be especially useful if you lead an active sex life and often change partners.

girl on top of guy

STDs can also be accompanied by burning, itching, thick white discharge. As soon as you find yourself with such a symptom, immediately consult a doctor. While treatment is in progress, do not endanger the health of your partner and do not enter into intimacy with him.

During pregnancy, you can continue to lead a full sexual life, if there are no complications. However, it is worth remembering that during this period the chance of getting a urinary tract infection is much higher. So pay special attention to your hygiene: go to the toilet after sex, wash the genital area and drink water constantly. Ask your partner to follow the same intimate grooming rules.

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