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How to prolong sexual intercourse for a man and leave a girl satisfied?

A traditional question that has worried men since the beginning of the universe (and their women, if it so happens that their sexual abilities and needs differ). You will find some tips here.

Tips for Becoming a Sex Giant

  • Remember that your lady may not need it for as long as you think.

Yes, most women need a little more stimulation to reach orgasm. Usually, studies show, a girl needs about seven to nine minutes of penetrative sex to finish (sometimes less or more).

So the rule “the longer the better” does not work here, on the contrary: if you finish quickly, you can bring a woman to orgasm with your fingers, but if you need an hour of frictions to finish ... Dear, yes, you will erase everything for her there . So before you complex, ask the girl: how much does she need to be completely satisfied? The answer may surprise you. Not all are fans of sex marathons.

  • Sexual intercourse is not only penetration.

In the physiology of women there is such a contraption: before reaching orgasm, they experience a stable, but gradually increasing arousal for a while. Scientifically, this is called a "plateau". And during this plateau, you can play with her arousal, decreasing and increasing it, leading her to orgasm, but then stopping or changing the stimulation. In other words, don't let her cum.

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If you like dominance games, this practice is ideal for you: you torment her with caresses, she will consider you a hero-lover, as a result she will get a lot of new erotic sensations and a bright orgasm, and you will feel like a sexual giant and enjoy the feeling of a beautiful lady completely. in his power.

  • Change your posture.

When you feel that you are about to cum - ask the girl to change the position or stimulation. For example, you are having vaginal sex - before orgasm, turn her over and continue anally or just throw her legs on your shoulders, change the angle of penetration, slow down the pace. The change of stimulation will not let you finish, therefore, you will prolong the sexual intercourse.

  • Tell your dick "stop"!

If you feel that you are about to finish, but you don’t want to change your position, squeeze your penis right under your head, where the urethra is, for five to ten seconds. This will cut off the blood flow and prevent orgasm from happening. You will need a few minutes to recover, and then you can continue sexual exploits.

  • Go in for sports.

Sports activities strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, have a positive effect on endurance, and this, in turn, has a positive effect on the duration of sexual intercourse. If you sit at the computer all day, it is not surprising that orgasm comes faster than you would like - your body simply cannot withstand the load.

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  • Be careful with bad habits.

Smoking depresses all systems of the body and, among other things, negatively affects the duration of an erection, as well as the ability to have sex for a long time and not bring down the breath. - it is prohibitive, why, but do it: in not insignificant amounts of enrichment of the norms, so that it does not affect the body and negatively influences.

  • Put on a condom.

Perhaps you cum too fast because your penis is overly sensitive, or, for example, your lady is too tight and it gives you too much stimulation. Then a condom can help: it will soften a little, muffle the sensations and allow you to prolong your erection. Don't worry, you'll still be pleased, just now for a long time. By the way, the condom can be used with a cooling lubricant.

  • Do Kegel exercises.

These are pelvic floor strengthening exercises that you use to urinate. And yes, they are also involved in an erection, so the stronger they are, the stronger and longer your erection, and the brighter the orgasm. Kegel exercises are easy to google, but in short: squeeze the muscles inside your thighs as if you want to stop urinating. Hold for ten seconds and slowly release. You can not do these exercises during real urination - this will lead to problems with the bladder!

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  • Take a break.

Sex doesn't have to mean climbing into bed and driving the neighbors crazy with the constant thumping of the headboard against the wall ad infinitum. If you feel tired - ask for a break: lie in an embrace, give each other a massage, go to the shower, have a snack or drink water. Sex is quite a physical activity, and especially sex marathons.

  • Make more time for sex.

The rhythm of life can be just crazy. Work, family, children, shopping, self-development, travel, plans, and even watch a series - and now twenty minutes are left for sex on Wednesday after The Handmaid's Tale (at best). In this state, it is impossible to relax, the brain seems to urges the body: faster, faster, Gilead will not wait! If you want to prolong sexual intercourse, allocate more time for this and allow yourself to fully enjoy the process.

  • Try something new.

If you and your partner have been together for a long time, or you had several partners before, most likely you know the algorithm: stroke there, kiss here, hug here, let's go. So sex becomes a routine, something you do quickly and mechanically, like making a bed.

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Try something new! Kiss where you usually caress, caress where you usually kiss, be gentle if you usually prefer it harder, or let out your inner beast (maybe it's a hamster?) if you're usually affectionate. The brain loves new stimuli, plus it is more difficult for it to prepare for them, so the sexual intercourse will be longer.

  • Do breathing exercises.

Sex is a physical activity. Any physical activity is easier when you know how to breathe properly. Before an orgasm, breathing usually goes astray, becomes frequent, intermittent - try to control this, leave it deep and even. Then the orgasm will be a little later and at the same time more intense, as if it will sweep through the whole body, and not just focus between the legs.

  • Use sex toys.

Think of them as trusty assistants that will help you continue to please the girl while you recover for the next round.

  • Use an erectile ring.

This is also a sex toy - literally a ring that is put on the base of your penis and does not let you come until you take it off. The ring, by the way, can vibrate, giving you and your partner a pleasant sensation (for your partner - when the ring rubs against her clitoris).

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  • Focus on your breath.

If you feel that you are about to - try to start breathing deeply and slowly, focusing on this process and counting your breaths. This will slow down the body systems and distract your brain from erotic sensations.

  • Focus on your partner.

It works in much the same way as focusing on breathing: you feel that you will end soon - try to abstract from your feelings and think about what it is like for her and how to make it even better for her. It will keep your brain busy and not let the orgasm happen too quickly, and your partner will be very pleased.

  • Have sex more often and masturbate less.

Masturbation, as a rule, is very fast, it is a way to quickly relieve tension without problems. Your brain and reproductive system get used to this, and as a result, during intercourse, you also end up quickly. So try to have sex more often. It's like exercise: if you pull the barbell every day, the number of approaches will increase over time.

  • Contrary advice: masturbate shortly (an hour or two) before sex. Then you can get aroused again (if you masturbated just before sex, it would be difficult), but it will be more difficult to come.

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  • Try poses where your bodies are perpendicular to each other. For example, the pose of spoons, but the woman tilts her body so that her body forms a right angle. In this position, not the most acutely sensitive areas of the penis are stimulated, and at the same time the G-spot of a woman is stimulated. Double plus!

  • If none of this helps, and the man still cums too fast, it might make sense to see a doctor. This is hardly some kind of pathology, but a visit to a sexologist can significantly improve the quality of sexual life.

Good luck and have a long night!

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