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13 Aug| 23 Comments


No One Will Have A Clue! 

Scared your mother will discover your carnal vices? Fearful your cleaner will be laughing behind your back after discovering your bedside cabinet stash? We are oh so very pleased to let you in on a little secret… Never again will you have to leave your bedroom buddies in the dark whilst you break through Fort Knox to retrieve your gadgets of glee: we have the most discreet sex toys in stock!

These sexy adult toys are proof that functional art exists and, any unsuspecting someone will be none the wiser until you let them know that the Zen wand they're holding is in fact, a luxury vibrator! No more embarrassing, awkward glances from here on out and your sex toys will now take pride of place at your bedside, ready for action when things getting hot!


Times have indeed changed and vibrators now come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Many are now rather pleasing to the eye, as we said - functional art, the sort that gets your rocks off! Aside from looking good, modern vibrators are now waterproof, rechargeable and some even power up when you plug them straight into your port. Your USB port to be exact! A round of applause please, for our top incognito sex toys:

LayaspotA secretive clitoral massager

I Rub My Duckie Posing as a rubber duckie, this bath time treat will froth up the bubbles in the tub!

Lelo Mia You'll have to double check that you've got the right usb for your board presentation. This mini vibrator will definitely bring about a standing O.

Lipstick Vibe Even the skinniest of clutches conceal this little beauty, you'll be looking forward to slipping away from the table and doing a whole lot more than powdering your nose!

Lelo Lily An unassuming massager for your secret places. Happy ending guaranteed.

Jimmy Jane Little Chroma Birds do it, bees do it …Try this clitoral vibrator and get your buzz on!

Onye Fleur So beautiful, it will bring a tear to your eye and an undeniable tremble

Smartballs Turns those traffic blues into a sexy exercise class for your pink bits!

Vibrating Panties The perfect gift a man can give a woman. Have them on when meeting the in-laws for the first time - they're going to remember you for your glowing cheeks and sunny disposition!

The Delight Delightfully discreet and absolutely divine pleasure! This g-spot and clitoral vibrator packs a dual punch.

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