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There Is More Than Meets The Eye!

It's just a little button that LOVES attention, right? Nope! Recent discoveries have shown us that the clitoris goes far deeper than the bit that you see. The full clitoral system (which science calls the "clitoral complex") is a much more complex system than we ever imagined! The magic button seemed quite straight forward, until scientists Pierre Foldes and Odile Buisson did a 3D Ultrasound to study the aroused clitoris.

Their research proved that there is much more to the clitoris than meets the eye. It turns out that the visible clitoris is only the "head" of everything we love! They also found that the rest of the clitoral system remains mostly inactive until stimulated. When aroused, the head becomes erect. Then, two clitoral arms, called the corpus cavernosa, swell up from the clitoral head, reaching down and all the way around either side of the vagina. (These arms are responsible for much of the pleasure experienced in normal vaginal sex.)

In addition, the 3D ultrasound showed that the clitoris extends inside of the pubic bone toward the G-spot, wrapping its arms around the vaginal entrance in the shape of a wishbone. Strangely enough, the vaginal walls themselves are not extremely sensitive to touch. This is why the majority of women don't climax purely from lovemaking. In fact, research shows that only 25% of women experience regular orgasm purely through intercourse.

Author, Elisabeth Lloyd, details in her book "The Case of the Female Orgasm", that about 70% of women don't achieve the blissful state of climax without some type of clitoral stimulation. She discovered that the lack of orgasm does not depend on the duration of lovemaking, penis size or rhythm.

What did it depend on then? Easy-peasy: it's all about the clitoris, both inside and out! This erotic button's sole purpose is to provide sexual pleasure. With an incredible 8,000 nerve endings, the clitoris is the most sensitive erogenous zone on the female body. That is why the clitoris is the key. Once awakened, you'll unlock the pleasures of the entire "clitoral complex", leading to stronge


Add More Adventure To Your Sex Life! 

Is it time to bring in the sex toys? It's inevitable, the two of you have been having crazy sex for some time, the chemistry is nuclear but somehow, sex has become a bit of a routine lately...

Sex toys - Fun Factory Miss Bi

Open communication between couples is absolutely vital, so one should always broach the subject of introducing some naughty adult toys into the bedroom with love. We do not recommend that you spring a vibrator on an unsuspecting lover, rather communicate first and set up some boundaries.

It is believed that those who use sex toys tend to have good, open channels of communication and complete and utter love for and trust in their lovers. Sex toys are great tools through which to allow guys and girls to take their sex lives to a whole new level, allowing both to find pleasure through mutual satisfaction. It is absolutely important to keep your sex life fresh, fun and exciting. So, it's out with the yawn fest and in with our luxury sex toys; be they cock rings or clitoral vibrators, with these beauties in hand; you're going to set the bedroom on fire!


It's been said that couples who indulge in a bit of erotic toy play perform better beneath the covers. Teasing a woman's clitoris with a vibrator during oral sex will give her an orgasm that will have her clenching her thighs together in memory long after the pleasure was all hers! And the same can be said for our men. Teasing a man's anus or testicles with the same vibrator during oral sex will leave him in absolute raptures! With so many sex toys available, from cock rings, specialist male sex toys, female sex toys and clitoral vibrators, there is no excuse for play time to ever become dull. The only way you're ever going to know what knocks off your socks, is for you to try!


Now we know that women are lucky minxes in that they can have multiple orgasms during sex and men unfortunately cannot. Hence, when Mr Man reaches absolute orgasm his erect penis takes a bit of a leave of absence and it is here that a sex toy can keep his woman moaning for so much longer while his body recovers from sheer bliss. That said, there is absolutely no harm in allowing a woman to reach orgasm with the use of a sex toy first, and then sliding in for a bit of bliss timeshare yourself. It's all about sharing the love!

Okay, so how do you go about this sex toy business?

Sex Toys for couples - Doppio Couples Vibrator from

We suggest that you start off with the little saucy gadget you can use together.

Cock rings, clitoral massagers or vibrators and a pair of handcuffs, thrown in for good measure, can really getting things nice and toasty!

Massage oils, creams and lubricants come in handy when you're simmering up the sexual heat. (Lube is fantastic to partner up with some sex toys!)

When you are both ready to get electronic, experiment with vibrators, the ideal couple's toy. Listen to your man, if he is adventurous and wants to try out some male toys, why not get him some anal beads, butt plugs or a vibrating cock ring?

Have we tweaked your interest? Don't be shy now, just browse through Matilda's extensive range of couple's sex toys with your special someone and we know we'll get you both perky in no time!

r and more frequent orgasms, even during lovemaking.


Luckily, stimulating the clitoris is relatively easy. Once the clitoral system is turned on, some sex positions offer great clitoral contact to maintain the magic. Or, include a specially designed toy. There are many toys dedicated to clitoral stimulation, which means that delicious solo exploration is also possible.

They make orgasm easy to reach and can deliver a host of new sensations to experiment with, such as vibrating, pulsating, throbbing, escalating, etc. A note for those who don't possess a clitoris - it's important to remember just how sensitive this little button is, especially when using a toy. Please start slowly! Once the clitoris has adjusted to the vibrations, you can begin to increase pressure and REALLY start your playtime!

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