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How to Clean a Dildo for Safe Pleasure | Mantang

You may have heard that sexual pleasure and cleanliness go hand-in-hand, and nothing could be truer! If you know how to use a dildo properly, you may get a few different fluids on it - fluids from your body and fluids from lubricants. This is completely normal. Obviously, the amount of body fluids that you get on it will depend on how you use it. For instance, if you’re using a dildo anally (in your or your partner’s butt),  there may be a little fecal matter left behind (sorry for the visual, but it’s true, and totally normal!). So, to sum up, when you use a dildo or any other sex toy for that matter, you’ll need to clean it properly before and after you use it. If you skip this step, your beloved dildo companion could start to degrade, or worse, you could be introducing bacteria to your body.

Let’s be real! After you’ve enjoyed your dildo, you might be ready for a nap or a snack, but you should clean your little buddy as soon as possible. It’s actually easier to clean your dildo before anything has dried - so don’t procrastinate! Learning how to clean a dildo isn’t a difficult thing to do, but you do need to pay attention to the process.

Of course, if you do fall asleep, you can always clean your dildo or sex toy later.  The important thing is to clean it thoroughly before you use it again, especially if you’re using it for anal play. So, what’s the best way to clean a dildo? Let’s break it down, so you can start planning your next erotic rendezvous ASAP!

Choose the Right Type of Toy Cleaner for Your Dildo

There are many types of dildos, and lots of material options for each. You’ll need to customize your cleaning method to your dildo, but don’t worry, that’s not as difficult as it sounds! Yes, knowing how to clean a silicone dildo is somewhat different from how to properly clean a dildo made of plastic, but most universal toy care fluids, sprays, rinses, wipes and foams will work for cleaning the majority of dildo materials, including silicone, glass, TPR, elastomer and plastic. Have a look at the label on your sex toy cleaner to be sure. Of course, you can always go with the most classic of clean-up methods - warm water and a mild, unscented antibacterial soap. Dry it with a clean towel and store it somewhere that’s free of dirt and debris.  

Use Material Safe Soap

Speaking of soap, it’s important not to use an oil-based soap that could break down the surface of your dildo or other sex toys. A degraded toy surface can crack, chip or split, giving germs a place to hide.  

Boil in Hot Water or Use a Alcohol-Based Cleaner

There are some other ways to clean your dildos, including boiling them in hot water (a great option for non-vibrating glass, Pyrex, stainless steel, and silicone dildos), using an alcohol-based toy cleaner, or even running your silicone, glass or metal dildo through the dishwasher. The ability to clean your dildo in a dishwasher is what makes this sex toy desirable when comparing a dildo vs vibrator.

The best dildos are made out of non-porous materials - think silicone, hard plastic, glass stainless steel dildos. These toys are  much easier to clean than a dildo made of a softer jelly or rubber. Yes, those jelly dildos may feel good, but the microscopic surface holes and porous material can trap bacteria and make your dildo a pain to clean. 

Remember that your new dido companion goes inside your body, so you want something that a) will keep your dildo squeaky clean and b) won’t cause any irritation within your body. If your dildo has any moving parts or deep crevices, be sure to clean them, as well.

Always Be Thorough

Clean, clean, and clean again! When you’re cleaning something that is going to be inserted into your body, you need to be thorough. Be sure to put in some elbow grease and scrub the glass or silicone toy for at least a minute and a half. If your dildo toy is textured, or has attachments or removable parts, be sure to get into those areas, too. It can really never be too clean!

You can use a washcloth or a sponge to scrub down your dildo with antimicrobial soap, but usually, your hands are going to be the best tools to use. Be mindful. If you are going to use a towel to dry your toy off, make sure that it doesn’t leave any lint behind. Also, make sure you are always using a clean towel when finished. 

While you definitely need to do a thorough cleaning after your erotic romp, you should also do some clean-up before you use your dildo. If it was properly cleaned and safely stored, a quick wipe-down with a clean cloth should do the trick, but if you’re prone to infections or it’s been a long time since you used your toy, you may want to do a more thorough cleaning beforehand as well. You can also use a condom on your dildo while using it to help prevent any wear and tear. 

Remember That Some Dildos Aren’t Waterproof

Not all dildos are created equal, so, you have to know the one you’re with! Always be sure your dildo or other toy is waterproof before taking the plunge. Most, if not all non-vibrating dildos will be safe to submerge, but if your dildo has a motor or battery-operated parts, you’ll need to take those into consideration before diving into a clean routine. Remove any batteries or parts that cannot get wet. There are different ways and techniques when it comes to how to wash a dildo, but you first want to know if you can submerge it and go from there. For instance, if your dildo isn’t waterproof, is made of a material that could melt, or has moving parts, then you cannot boil it or put it in the dishwasher.

Even if your dildo is waterproof, you don’t want to leave it submerged for more than a few minutes, and you absolutely want to pat it dry with a clean cloth before you put it safely back in storage until you meet again for your next playdate.

Speaking of Storage…

Once you’ve cleaned your dildo, you’ll need to properly store it in a safe, dry place. While many folks will simply stow their sex toy in a sock drawer or hide it in a bedside table, you may want to be a bit better than that. If your dildo came with a storage pouch or bag, you could use that, or even the original packaging. A great, inexpensive solution is to use a freezer bag that you can seal and store easily. 

Remember, the better you store your dildo, the easier it will be to clean, and the quicker you can get to your pleasure session.

Pay Attention If You Switch Cleaners

While it is rare, sometimes cleaners can have a negative impact on your body. Even mild soap can cause problems in some people with sensitive skin, so you need to listen to your body if it tells you that something just doesn’t seem right. You should also make sure that you’ve thoroughly rinsed the cleanser off of the toy before you use it.

If you have very sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to do a spot test on your arm or hand before dousing your dildo in a new cleaning spray. 

What to Do If Your Dildo Starts Showing Signs of Wear

If your dildo starts peeling, chipping, cracking, or looking weird after you’ve washed it a few times and used it, then you may have picked the wrong cleanser. If you’ve had it for a long time and it has started to look weird, it may have simply started to break down from normal use and cleansing. In both situations, it’s probably time to say goodbye! You may need to consider throwing away the dildo and purchasing a new one. We know, it’s painful to say goodbye! But if your dildo starts to chip or bubble, you should definitely not put it in your body. 

Want to have a happy, healthy, erotic sex life? Then you absolutely need to take care of the most delicate parts of your body. When it comes to your dildo, you want to protect yourself and protect your investment. Keeping it clean and safe from bodily fluids and lube can help you get far more life and enjoyment out of your dildo and ensures that you can take a quick trip to Pleasureville whenever you want.

Even if you aren’t a dildo frequent flyer, you want to clean your playtime buddy fairly regularly to help eliminate breakdown and ensure that the next time you do want to take a little trip, you don’t have the toy caked with fluids, lube, or dust – because let’s face it, that can be a real mood killer!

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