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What Is a Dildo? | Mantang

When it comes to sex toys, the options are endless, and the pleasure is plentiful. But as we search for the perfect addition to our adult toy chest, some of us may wonder (but are too afraid to ask!) just what is a dildo? There are a few different dildo characteristics out there, and you may have to do a little dildo research to get to Pleasureville on time. But we can help! Our handy dandy dildo guide is going to shed some light on one of the most classic sex toys. We’re going to break down exactly what a dildo is, what it does, and why you may want to add a dildo to your sexy wish list.

Okay - What Is A Dildo, Really?

The short answer: a dildo is a sex toy meant for vaginal penetrative sex, anal or oral sex. They’re usually phallic in shape, with varying degrees of realism. Many are lifelike, featuring details and characteristics inspired by the penis, but many more are designed specifically not to look like a penis. Hey, not everyone is into penises! Dildos come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, textures, different dildo sizes, colors, and more. You can even buy a kit to clone someone’s penis! Pretty inventive, right?

Before you ask, "do women like big dildos?" remember that people have varying preferences. Some people prefer to use a dildo that looks and feels like a real penis – and that makes sense. 

These realistic dildo toys are usually made of soft silicone, TPR or elastomer, and come in a wide range of skin tone colors. Others are neon, multicolored, and even glow in the dark. Many realistic dildo toys have a smooth, tapered or mushroom-shaped head, balls, and sometimes even veins along the shaft. Some dildos can even be filled with a lubricant that replicates ejaculation!

Types of Dildos

For those of us that don’t care much for penises, there are lots with smooth texture like the glass dildo, uniquely textured and non-traditional dildos to choose from. If you don’t want your silicone dildo to look like a real penis, no problem! Some dildos are not even a little bit lifelike, and are shaped into swords, dragon tails, fists and more. 

Of course, there are other types of dildos as well. You can get a two-person double ended dildo, which is longer than a traditional dildo and is made to be used by two people at the same time. There are also “double penetration” dildos that can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration at the same time. Ooh-la-la!

The list goes on! There are lots of  dildos designed to be worn in a harness or strap-on system, too. These are often used primarily by women for lesbian sex or in pegging, but there is also hollow type and is the best strap on dildo option for people with penises. You can even find suction cup dildo toys which  makes them perfect for hands-free play.

A dildo can be made from one (or a few) of several materials, including, but certainly not limited to, silicone, rubber, plastic, latex, glass, metal, and even wood. Dildos are used by people of all genders, sexual orientations, and sexual experiences. Some people will use a dildo with a partner, and others will use a dido alone. The options for erotic fun with dildos are truly endless!

A Dildo Is Not A Vibrator, But A Vibrator Can Be A Dildo

People argue this point, but technically, vibrator sex toys and dildos aren’t the same toy. Purists may think that a vibrating dildo isn’t a dildo and vice versa, but here’s the thing - if you take away a vibrator’s vibration feature, isn’t it a dildo? And conversely, a dildo is a dildo whether it vibrates or not. The whole debate gets a little philosophical, really!  

When comparing dildos vs vibrators, know that most true dildos are stationary, and will not vibrate. That said, some dildos vibrate, but those are often referred to as vibrators. For our purposes today, we’re talking about dildos that do not vibrate. 

The sexual pleasure you or your partner will get from a dildo is a result of stimulating penetration, sexy stretch and manual movement of the dildo inside of you.

What Is A Dildo Used For?

So, now let’s get into the question on everyone’s mind: what is a dildo used for? Dildos are usually used to penetrate either the vagina, anus, or mouth. Like we mentioned just above, the sexual stimulation power of a dildo comes from the movement of the device. Users can insert, thrust, rotate, and remove the dildo at various speeds and power levels. Some people like to play slow and gentle with their dildos, while others prefer a rougher approach.

Sometimes, people will use a dildo to stimulate their, or someone else’s erogenous zones. That’s right, you or your partner’s nipples, clitoris, and more can be friends with a dildo! Plus, some people like to use a dildo as a gag, other people practice their oral sex skills on a dildo, and some couples like to watch their other half be penetrated by a dildo. So to sum up: no matter what your preference, there are unlimited opportunities for erotic pleasure with a dildo!

How Does A Dildo Work?

So, you’ve decided a dildo sounds like the next hot little number you’d like to try, but how does a dildo work? Well, a dildo works in a similar manner to a penis or a finger. It stimulates the inside of the vagina or the anus, stretching it and bringing pleasure through mostly internal means. However, you can use your dildo to provide clitoral stimulation as well.

Some dildos will have texture patterns on them that are used to stimulate certain areas of the body more than others. For example, many will have some ridging around the base to help with vaginal stimulation there and maybe some patches around the tip to help with g-spot stimulation.

History of Dildos

The question of “what’s a dildo” has evolved a little bit over the years. Dildos have a pretty girthy history and, as with all things that are thousands of years old, there’s often some confusion in regard to how they came to be. The first recorded dildo goes back nearly 28,000 years ago - the Ice Age. A siltstone replica of a phallus was found by archaeologists in a cave. 

Egyptians were also quite into phallic statues, or possibly dildos. We can see the shapes of penises in paintings from these times, though historians believe they may have been used to pay tributes to the gods, in particular Osiris. 

In ancient Greece, it is believed that the dildos were made out of polished leather, and olive oil was used as a lubricant. The Greeks were much more open about sex than some other cultures. It’s even thought that men going off to war or on world explorations would gift their wives with a dildo! Pretty progressive!

Throughout history, there have been many mentions of objects being used as dildos, even if those objects were nothing like the sex toy that we now consider a dildo. Animal tusks, stones, vegetables, fruits, and more are scattered throughout art, music, and literature, painting a colorful picture of the ancient dildo. 

It wasn’t until the 17th century in England that men started to fear that dildos would cause their wives to resist them, so they passed laws to prevent anyone from making or owning dildos. At the same time, the use of dildos was actually growing throughout Asia, Japan in particular. Much of the art from the time shows women and men making or using dildos.

Now, let’s fast forward a little bit. Things get a little sketchier when it comes to the United States, because many of the laws about dildos came over with the British. Rubber dildos and dilators were prohibited, and there was even propaganda written about dildos so that women would feel dirty or unethical if they used them.

Interestingly enough, this was the same time that vibrators were being used for medical and beauty reasons, at least officially.

It wasn’t until at least the 1960s when dildos became more accepted and popular in the United States. This was probably because more and more dildos were made that didn’t look like actual penises - they were brightly colored, shaped differently, and just didn’t seem to compete with an actual man’s package.

How to Select the Dildo of Your Dreams

Other than knowing how to use a large dildo, knowing how to choose the right one is also important. When you are first picking out a dildo, you want to narrow down your options and really explore and examine them. 

There are a few different steps that you can take, but you want to consider the following before you make a purchase:

Think about the type of stimulation that you want.

Think about the color and shape of the dildo.

What type of material do you want? Do you have any allergies? Does it need to feel like the real thing?

Remember that starting with a smaller size is a good idea. if you want something larger, there are ways on how to make a dildo bigger.

Buy your dildo from a retailer that you can trust.

Buy lube - and always use more than you think you need. Trust us!

If you are interested in buying your own dildo or gifting a dildo, you’ll need to find a reputable online retailer or shop. Remember, you’ll be putting this object inside your body, so you’ll want to ensure that your new dildo is high quality.

Today, there are an unlimited array of options when you are making a “fun for the bedroom” purchase. From the size of the dildo, to the color of it, to the way you use it, and even whether or not it stays the same shape, you have a virtual treasure trove of options to explore.

It’s exciting that sex toys are continuing to evolve, and even as some sex toys continue to get more and more high tech, requiring batteries or chargers, dildos are still an ever-popular option. They will never die just as you are about to climax, they aren’t overly expensive, and you can find just about anything you need to suit your needs. You may have to do a little shopping around, but there is something out there for everyone. So, get ready to explore the sensual world of dildos – we know you’re going to enjoy every minute of it!

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