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07 Dec| 23 Comments
Dildo or Vibrator: Which is Better? | Mantang

If you are just starting off in the world of sex toys, you may be weighing your options and deciding whether you should buy a dildo or vibrator. Oh, the erotic possibilities that await! But let’s be honest, looking online at all of your different options can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. You may be intimidated by all of the different shapes, powers, extras, and examples that you see. Some of them may even be a bit scary!

But never fear. The great news is that vibrators and dildos are two of the most common sex toys, and while some people consider them to be the same thing, there are actually distinct differences between the two. Who knew, right? So, when you’re ready to shop for a dildo or vibrator, you need to be aware of the pros that each sensual friend brings to the table and which one might be a best fit to make all your erotic dreams come true in the bedroom. If you’re ready to take your sexual pleasure to the next level but need help deciding, read our helpful comparison below. 

What's the Difference Between a Dildo and a Vibrator?

The biggest difference between a dildo and a vibrator is that a dildo doesn’t have a motor inside of it to give additional sexual stimulation. Dildos tend not to have any moving parts, whereas a vibrator presents added options for stimulation, sometimes on the inside and sometimes on the outside.

Of course, there are some people who will use these two terms interchangeably, and that is completely fine. Unless you need to be specific for some reason, most people will understand what you mean when you use either term.

Pros of Dildos

What is a dildo exactly, you may be wondering? We can help! Dildos fit into a wide group of sex toys that are used to penetrate either the vagina or the anus. Typically, they are phallic-shaped, but they don’t actually have to be. There are dildos out there that are shaped like everything from fists to tentacles. A true dildo doesn’t vibrate or have any moving parts.

But now let’s get to the juicy stuff! One of the biggest pros of dildos is that they aren’t going to die just as you are about to feel that sweet release.  They will last as long as you want them to, just be sure to clean your dildo on a regular basis. They don’t have parts that fail because there is simply nothing there to fail. They are just there for your endless erotic sexual pleasure! Be sure to check out our blog on how to use a dildo to get the most out of this sex toy.

Dildos are also made out of a wide variety of materials, ranging from plastic and silicone to glass. There are many dildos out there to mimic the feel of natural skin. They can be extremely flexible or rigid depending on your pleasure preferences.

Another perk of dildos is that they tend to be easier to clean because they don’t have moving parts or as many nooks and crannies that you need to sanitize to protect yourself. If you have a tendency to get infections, you may want to avoid vibrators and reach for a dildo instead because you can use the boiling water method to clean your dildo to ensure your “partner in crime” stays fresh, clean, and ready for action! For more tips on proper sex toy cleanliness, check out our blog on how to clean a dildo.

Pros of Vibrators

Now, what is a vibrator and how is it different from a dildo? Vibrators are a lot like dildos, at least when it comes to outside appearances. However, vibrators have a motor inside of them that vibrators or pulsates and offers additional “oh-so-amazing” stimulation. Vibrators also come in an even wider variety of shapes and sizes. Some are intended to be used internally and others are designed to be used outside on the clitoris. Yea, baby! There are even some vibrators that can be used in both places. This is called the rabbit vibrator which is one of the most popular sex toys around. With vibrators, you simply have more ways to use them. So, it’s time to let your imagination run wild and free!

We’ll be honest, vibrators tend to steal the spotlight today because they come in so many different sizes, shapes, styles, and functions. They are also often the premier option for people who have mobility issues because you can put them in the right place and allow them to do all of the work.

Like it rough sometimes but sexy and soft the next? Another pro is that vibrators tend to offer a few different modes, so you never get “bored” during your pleasure-seeking rendezvous. There are even phone app-controlled or remote controlled vibrators, so your partner can participate too, from right beside you, the next room, or miles away!

How to Choose What's Right for You

Dildo vs. vibrator – which sex toy takes the cake? There is no simple way to answer which one is the best choice for you and your pleasure missions. Do you want a little clit stimulation along with your penetration? Both vibrators and dildos can be fantastic additions to your adult toy chest, whether you are single or looking for something to enjoy with your partner.

Simply put what will work best for you depends on what feels best for your body. Sometimes, the pulsations of a vibrator will feel far too strong for some people, so a dildo is the better option. Other times, people need the variety in order to have an orgasm. It’s all about you! So, think about what makes you feel good, is it more penetration or clitoral stimulation? That may help you to make the choice. While you can use a dildo for clitoral stimulation, it is a bit more difficult.

So, whether you opt for a dildo or vibrator, you can’t go wrong! If one doesn’t strike your sensual fancy, don’t give up your search. There are plenty of options out there, so simply try something new. Don’t always assume that bigger is better or that more buttons equal more pleasure. Sometimes, the simplest sex toy options are the best when it comes to your bedroom fun!

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