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19 Jan| 23 Comments
Material Used in Sex Toys

A growing number of buyers have inquired about the materials used in sex toys; some are curious to learn more, while others are concerned about the safety of sex toys while purchasing them from China. We recognize that the material has raised some concerns, so let’s talk about it and give further details.

No matter if they are purchased in the USA, the EU, or Australia, sex toys must now be free of latex and phthalates because adult toys will come into contact with people’s skin and sensitive areas. Since we are a sex toy wholesaler and are knowledgeable about the materials, we usually sell only safe products when we wholesale stuff. The majority of our products also have CE and SGS certificates from the company. (Products require CE, whereas materials require SGS.)

The following are details about the materials used to make sex toys so that customers can learn more about them before placing orders with any sex toy vendors in the future. Typically, the following materials are used to make sex toys:

Silicone:the majority of sex toys are made of this environmentally friendly material, more so vibrators, even though the material is pricey.

TPR, TPE:These materials, which are a heavy type of polymer, are mostly utilized to create male masturbators, some lifelike dildos, some vibrating rabbits, and other similar objects. These materials are used to create sex toys since they can replicate skin contact convincingly and can be made soft enough to resemble a real person’s part, such as a phony vagina. TPR (the United States may refer to it as UR3) creates all lifelike vaginas. We even employ this material to make medical training models (in our own factory), including a simulator that looks like a human arm or leg to assist nurses to practice injecting patients.

Jelly:fairly popular and secure material for sex toys.

ABS:It is plastic; we use it in a variety of items and cannot imagine our lives without it.

Nowadays, there is typically no latex in sex toys because manufacturers no longer utilize it and numerous markets and nations have outlawed its use.

As a wholesaler and manufacturers of sex toys, we typically examine the materials used or determine whether manufacturers have a certificate of material before deciding whether we need to purchase their products in bulk. All of this work must be completed before we begin to offer a new product.

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