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How to Properly Store Your Collection of Sex Toys

While getting a new sex toy is wonderful, deciding where and how to keep it is a much less enjoyable aspect of adulting. We’re here to educate you on the fundamentals of sex toy safety and how to effectively take care of your treasured collection of sex toys.

The most crucial aspect of storing adult toys is this: before being stored, an adult toy has to be kept dry and clean. When a dirty or wet toy is stored, bacteria will grow on it, increasing the risk of skin irritation, a toy malfunctions, or even infections when it is eventually used again.

First and most importantly, ideal sex toy storage options must be capable of keeping a sex toy clean when it’s not in use. No matter what kind of sex toy you’re using—anal beads, a dildo, or a bullet vibrator, a dildo—storing it beneath your pillow or in your bedside table drawer will expose it to bacteria and other airborne contaminants. You wouldn’t want that at all!

Whether you’re using a storage box or a canvas bag, it should be unobtrusive, simple to open, and, preferably, big enough to hold the toy and any additional materials that will need to be kept alongside it.

What size of storage do you require?

You’ll need to conduct a physical inventory of your assortment before investing in your sex toy storage. You’ll need to ensure you are aware of the length of your toy since most storage bags and boxes will only contain toys that are between 7 and 8 inches.

Along with the actual toys, you should think about the accessories you need to keep organized. Lubricants, chargers toy cleaners, condoms, and other items should all have a space in the storage device you choose. Last but not least, it’s usually a smart idea to spend money on a storage solution that has expansion space.

Sex Toys Storage Bags

There are just as many different sorts of sex toys as there are ways to store them, but for the majority of individuals, a storage bag will be the best option. Bags are ideal for travel and offer versatility for handling toys that are irregularly shaped, such as vibrators that resemble rabbits and have bulging ticklers.

We’re not referring to simple plastic bags that won’t breathe and may allow undesirable things to grow. Simple polyester or cotton drawstring bags are an excellent and cost-effective option. There are other storage bags developed expressly for adult toys, such as the Sugar Sak, with a special inside layer that prevents the growth of viruses, mildew, mold, yeast, fungi, and bacteria.

Sex Toys Storage Boxes

A special storage box is a great option for folks who have a larger variety of sex toys and wish to keep items like chargers, condoms, and lubricant in one location. Although normal plastic storage bins will suffice, for this reason, keep each toy in a separate baggie to avoid material damage that can arise when toys are mixed.

It’s also important to note that there are specialized sex toy storage bins available! Toys of various shapes and sizes, detachable or movable trays to suit toys of various shapes and sizes, as well as USB charging pots, are all factors to consider. If you are concerned about prying eyes, consider a model with a lock.

Alternatives for Storing Adult Toys

Although storage boxes and packaging bags are the most frequent sex toy storage solutions available, there are some more unique kinds to consider — items that go far beyond a lovely tiny pouch to put in a bedside cabinet. In case you intend to add to your sex toy collection, first and foremost, that is fantastic, and secondly, select storage that can grow with your collection, such as stackable, lockable storage bins with a front-facing slot for better accessibility.

In case you’re looking forward to investing in a sex toy storage collection, you can opt for furniture such as ottomans and lidded benches, which is an ideal option for individuals with adult toy collection that consists of oversized or bulky products such as bondage kits, absorbent blankets, and wedge pillows.

Whether you own a slew of metal sex toys, a certain glass toy, or just one silicone adult toy, the best action you can take to protect the investment, regardless of the size, is to store them in a devoted tidy location.

Tips for Safe Sex Toy Storage

Now that you’ve got an idea of what you can use to store your sex toys, here are additional tips for keeping your sex toys safe.

1.When not in use, remove the batteries from your adult toy.

Because the batteries are operating at a low charge when inside the device, keeping them in can damage your adult toys and deplete the battery performance. Nothing is more depressing than a vibrator’s halfhearted buzz on low battery, or even worse, it losing charge before climax!

2.Store adult toys separately—certain materials react with one another and might destroy your toys!

Wrap every adult toy separately while storing it to keep the items from mixing. This is critical since certain materials, such as rubber, TPE, and silicone, can react with each other, causing your adult toys to degrade and become unusable. Store your toys separately to avoid having to retire them too soon.

3.Use a lubricant that is compatible with your sex toy.

Avoid using silicone or oil-based lube with silicone adult toys since they will cling to the surface and wear down the coating of your device. Use a hybrid or water-based lubricant on any porous adult toys to extend their longevity and ensure their safety. Non-porous adult toys, like glass toys, can be used with any type of lubricant.

4.When using porous sex toys, use a condom.

Certain porous sex toys, including jelly toys, cannot be sanitized completely. After each use, properly wash it, allow it to dry, and then keep it in a canvas bag.

If you’re using a jelly sex toy, always wear a condom because phthalates, which are potentially harmful compounds, are present. Though there isn’t compelling proof of their health impacts, it’s best to be cautious rather than sorry.

5.Check whether you can still safely use your waterproof adult toys.

If the small rubber plug or O-ring that covers your toy’s battery chamber is absent, loosened, or damaged, you’re out of luck. Your sex toy is not waterproof anymore. Inspect your sex toys for cracks, which could signal that they are hazardous to use.

6.Keep an eye out for any signs that your sex toy should be retired.

When your adult toys are showing signs of wear and tear, are breaking apart, or no longer hold a charge for an extended period, it is indeed time to replace them! If the adult toy is still under warranty, ensure you arrange for a new one by notifying the merchant where you purchased it.

You should take care of your sex toy collection by washing it carefully, drying it correctly, and keeping it in discreet cloth bags in a cool, safe spot.

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