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How to Take a Large Dildo: Tips for Preparing | Mantang

Whether we’re snug in our beds or indulging in a daydream, sex is definitely something we dream of and fantasize about. Some of us even dream about adult sex toys - large dildos, to be specific! One thing’s for certain; when it comes to acting out your big dildo dreams in real life, it’s important to know how to properly play with a big dildo.

Rushing into (or onto) a large dildo before you’re completely ready could turn you off the whole idea of enjoying an XL sex toy, and lead to some serious discomfort or possible injury. So, how do you or your partner prepare for and learn how to take on a large dildo like a pro? We’ve rounded up some top tips on how to make the most of your big dildo (or massive dildo), all while fully embracing your favorite erotic fantasies.

How To Play Safe With a Big Dildo

Yes, size is subjective, but hopefully we can all agree that a fourteen inch log, six inch thick dildo is going to feel more intense than, say, an eight inch long, three inch thick dildo. Both require a little or a lot more consideration than a smaller toy, though, depending on your experience with a bigger toy.

1. The first, and most important rule of big dildo play (and any sexual pursuit, for that matter), is that you must listen to your body. Playing through the pain is not an option here. If you feel uncomfortable, either mentally or physically, or feel any pain. Stop. Immediately. If you’re playing with a partner, you’ll both need to be masters of communication when a big dildo is on deck. Listen to them, be sure they’re listening to you. Have a safe word when using a larger toy.

2. Go slow. Please don’t just go hopping on a giant dildo all willy-nilly. No one wants to be injured, and trips to the E.R are not, nor will ever be, sexy.

3. Use. Lube. Lots of lube. More than you think you might need. Be sure to stock up beforehand.

4. Anatomy matters. Keep in mind that biologically, vaginas are meant to be stretched (hello, childbirth!), and will, generally speaking, be more accepting of a big dildo. The anus and anal canal as a whole, however, was just not built to be entered. That is definitely not to say that successful and very pleasurable anal penetration is not possible, it just means that you’ll need to take some extra steps, especially if you’re planning on challenging your or your partner’s butt with a big dildo.

Do women like big dildos? Some do, some don’t! Bottom line, big dildos can be super-fun and very satisfying! You just need to know what you’re working with and play accordingly.

How to Prepare for a Large Dildo

Now, the question of the hour: what’s the best way to take a big dildo? Answer: with lots of proper preparation! Very few people are able to fully insert or have their partner fully insert a big dildo on the first try. You’ll need to work up to that magic moment when a large dildo of their choice can be inserted smoothly, painlessly, and pleasurably.

Practice Makes Perfect

How, you ask? It all starts with practice. Slow and steady wins the race, after all. If you already have a dildo or other penetrative sex toy that’s on the larger side, set aside a few sessions to practice inserting it comfortably. Gauge the amount of time and lubricant you need to take it all in. This way, you’ll have an idea of what works for you when you’re ready to take the plunge with a big, thick dildo. 

Pick Your Ideal Size and Work Your Way Up

Do the math. Determine your dildo goal size. Do you want to be able to take on a ten-inch long monster? Or is twelve inches your main goal? Once you’ve decided just how large you want to go, the next step is to look at where you are at now. Is your current dildo half that size or smaller? If so, you will need to increase your dildo tolerance slowly and gradually before you can reach your dildo goal.

Once you have your eye on that big dildo prize, the next step is to purchase the dildo(s) that you need in order to work your way up to that ten or 12-inch toy. Consider going up an inch or two (no more than this) at a time. This means that if you are starting out with a four-inch dildo and want to progress to a 12-inch one, you will need to purchase six, eight, and ten-inch dildos.

Once you’ve rounded out your dildo collection and have a plan in place, the fun really begins! Now is the time to experiment with your toys, slowly working your way up in size. Once you can tolerate and even enjoy the size right before your goal dildo, it’s time to move forward with insertion.

Tips for Inserting a Large Dildo

So, you’ve practiced, you’ve stocked up on lube, and you have all the knowledge you’ll need to use a big dildo properly and pleasurably. Folks, it’s time for insertion! Follow these handy steps, and you’ll be enjoying your large dildo in no time.

Focus on Foreplay – Foreplay is crucial when it comes to sex in general, but especially when you plan on using a large dildo. Spend some time with a favorite sex toy, or have your partner take the time to warm you up, either with oral sex, or a little sensual massage action. The more aroused you are, the more fun you’ll have with your large-and-in-charge dildo.

Use Plenty of Lube – Always, always use lots of lube when playing with a large dildo or other penetrator. No exceptions. If you’re inserting your big dildo anally, the lube rule is doubly important. Use more than you might think you’ll need. This is definitely a case of too much being better than too little.

 Go Slow – Again, go sloooooooow. Do not rush the process. Insert a little of your big dildo at a time, taking a break whenever you feel you need it. If you reach your limit or you feel pain or discomfort, stop!

Relax – A relaxed body and mind is key to enjoying the pleasures of an extra-large dildo. Take some deep breaths, get comfortable, dim the lights, whatever it takes. If you’re tense, you’re not going to enjoy yourself. Full stop.

Change Positions as Needed – Don’t be afraid to change positions at any point. Find one that lets you relax and be comfortable. There is no one-size-fits solution here, but you could try lying on your side or back, even squatting or kneeling over your big dildo. Fun fact: many large dildos feature a suction cup base for hands-free play. 

Big Dildo Basics

Big dildo, big fun. From a vibrating dildo to a realistic dildo or even an anal dildo, it can be fun to add some size to your routine. Let’s go over some of the most important tips to keep in mind when using a big dildo. They include:

Working your way up to your target size by purchasing and using multiple dildos in various dildo sizes, progressively getting bigger as you practice.

Use plenty of lube.

Go slowly, relax, and change positions as needed.

Stop or take a break whenever you need to. If you're using your big dildo with a partner, make sure you’re on the same page!  

It’s that simple. So, now that you know how to play with a huge dildo, it’s time to indulge in some hot, body-shaking sex. So, grab your partner (or fly solo masturbation style), bring out the lube, relax, enjoy some foreplay, and use that big dildo to bring on the toe-curling orgasm you definitely deserve!

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